Festival Preview: The Great Escape 2019

The Great Escape 2019

Words: Elena Katrina

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The Great Escape is well known as the ultimate festival in the UK for new and emerging music and we’re thrilled to be attending once again this year.  With so much to do and so many bands to catch up with it’s going to be an exhilarating weekend. There are many bands we’ve been following for a while who are playing and I’m clutching at the hope that we’ll end up somewhere unexpected, going with the flow and finding even more new bands to fall in love with. Because that’s the best thing about festivals; discovery.

Check out the music line up here.

Aside from a hefty list of bands to watch, those who have themselves conference tickets will be treated to conversation and access to information to some of the music industry’s heavyweights. From tech, to live, to songwriting, they’ve got it covered.

Find out more about the conference here.



Walt Disco

I’d never heard of Walt Disco until last month – when I was asked to check them out by their manager. Of course, I obliged and I was thrilled with what I heard. I’ve not seen them yet so it’s still very much a brand new thing for me but I’m hoping they’re going to wow me. Check out their latest single My Pop Sensibilities and revel in those Bowie-esqe feels.
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Listen to My Pop Sensibilities here:

Annabel Allum

I’m fairly sure I’d seen Annabel Allum play before I went over to SXSW but there she seemed to capture a moment in time that really just worked for her. Her live set for Killing Moon impressed and she left with a new-fan haul. Musically she has a distinctive vocal it’s quite guttural and yet she can flit between that and something more serene like she does on her Rascal Bedroom Session. I can’t wait for her to really become more of a known entity so we can have more of what there already is out there and now she’s signed a record deal I reckon it’s all coming!

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Listen to Eat Your Greens here:



It’s not often you’ll find us shouting about International acts but I’m super proud to say I’ve been on to Flor for years (our first post was back in January 2015) so I’m going to throw myself behind them still as I’m excited they’re finally getting to grips with a UK audience. They make sweet synth-pop sounds that are an absolute dream. I’ve been lucky enough to see them live a few years back but it would be brilliant to see how they’ve come on since.

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Listen to Slow Motion here:



Kidsmoke make music to swoon to, music to swing to, music to kiss too. It’s a bit like Summertime in an mp3 (and whatever format you can get hold of). We’re big fans, in fact, they played for us in 2018 so we’re thrilled to see them hit up a stage at this year’s TGE. Their latest single Passenger is high on my list of their favourite tracks to date and just fills me with joy – so there was no reason to leave them off my ones to watch!

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Listen to Victim Age here:



I’m sure it’s been 2 years since I last saw Marthagunn play live and I recently found myself pondering upon their plans only to be given a new single as if it were a gift and now a raft of shows including The Great Escape. Their sound is swathed in a seventies stadium-rock feel and they have the performance to back it up. Be sure to see them in as many small venues as you can because this is a band that are made for the big time.

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Listen to Saint Cecillia here:



I’d not payed much attention to Orchards before I headed to SXSW and that was a mistake so I’m here to make sure you don’t make the same one. The energy this band has on stage isn’t hardly matched when you listen to them. Each band member has a personality that just leaps off the stage as they come alive, there’s not a dull moment, always someone to watch and groove with. Their music is pretty uptempo and easy to throw yourself into so whatever way you look at it, you’re on to a winner with Orchards. 
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Listen to Young Of here:

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