Popped Round Up May 2019

The Round Up May 2019

Words: Daniel Burton


Popped Music’s May Editors Pick

The Outside Looking In – The Peach Fuzz


The Peach Fuzz have a very indie pop sound, they use synth to drive the intro before stripping back to just a bass line and beat for the verse. They bring a chilled yet upbeat vibe and when listening to the track, it is actually joyful to listen to. It puts a smile on your face and makes you think of sunny better days. The Outside Looking In has already proven to be very successful with over 130,000 streams so far in a month. Having recently supported Clean Cut Kid & The Zutons, and being named on the illustrious bill for Skeleton Coast Festival alongside Miles Kane, Dream Wife & The Mysterines, the future is looking very bright for The Peach Fuzz!

Listen to The Outside Looking In here:

Popped Music’s May Syncr Submissions Pick

Lady Lovesick – KOSMONAUTS

A popping riff opens the track before a pulsating bass line enters and properly kicks it off. Lady Lovesick quietly nudges you to get up and start dancing as soon as it starts, but once the chorus kicks in, it demands it. It simply lifts your body and gets the blood flowing. However, it doesn’t do it in a way to make you want to mosh heavily, it fills you with joy and makes you want to dance uncontrollably. This is a summer anthem that will send fans crazy on big outdoor festival stages, because that is where this sort of sound is destined to be.

Listen to Lady Lovesick here:

All About You – Zach Said

This indie-pop come hip/hop artist has been hot on my radar since the release of single Holding On in 2017. With just a steady beat and sumptuous piano, his voice shines through like a glorious break in the cloud on a gloomy day. It is that bit of sun that is so preciously enjoyed.

Within the track there are multiple layers of voices that come together to harmonise magnificently, a trait that is used throughout most of his music. As All About You progresses, it becomes more whole and a fuller sound which provides a good contrast from the beginning which is much subtler. Despite the lyrics portraying a slightly dismissive feeling towards someone, the sonic makeup puts across a much more unified and collective friendship feeling, and could make the perfect soundtrack to a weekend away camping out in the fields drinking warm beer.


Look What You Started – Ten Tonnes

I have been all over Ten Tonnes since his first release, Lucy, 3 years ago now, which is also featured on his self-titled debut album that was released at the beginning of May. When I first heard the album, I knew one of the songs definitely deserved a spot on the round-up, but it is filled with quality from the first to the last track so it was very hard to choose just one. However, in the end, I decided on, Look What You Started.

This is another effortlessly infectious singalong classic from Ethan Barnett (aka Ten Tonnes).Combining a mosh-pit inducing high-tempo beat with classic guitar riffs, it is the perfect balance between modern and old-fashioned pop-rock music.


Listen to Look What You Started here:

Jean – Cassyette


Cassyette looks like she should be the music child of Dolly Parton and Dave Grohl. She has the dreamy voice of Beyoncé at times, but also takes it grittier in heavier outbursts of rock throughout the track. The song brings the delicate touch from pop in the verses and a less so cautious, more raucous approach to rockier chorus’.

This is her only release to date, but there is very clearly potential from this debut. She has already earned spots supporting Barns Courtney & Yonaka and with over 18,000 streams in a month, it is a solid start to her career with plenty of growth likely to come in the future.

This is my first dose of Cassyette but most certainly will not be my last.

Listen to Jean here:

Blue Sea, Red Sea – Billie Marten


I saw Billie Marten last year playing at SoundCity to a handful of people, but unfortunately is was a bit of a problematic performance, only managing to finish a few songs. Despite this I gave her new album a go and I am glad because it is simply amazing. She has a peaceful yet soul-filling voice that surrounds you from every angle and provides the peace and serenity that everyone needs sometimes. Billie Marten is a singer-songwriter with an acoustic indie-folk style and the results of this is bliss in its purest form represented in music. As much as I want to listen to the lyrics and understand them, her voice and the sound instead simply relaxes your mind and takes it to a world of its own. I hope to catch her at some point in the future to try and see the real full Billie Marten experience.

Listen to Blue Sea, Red Sea here:


Call The Night – Luna Bay


With a thundering drum beat and an irresistible sing-along chorus, Luna Bay have created an absolute classic indie banger. Boasting a sound that is rather reminiscent of an English Vistas sound, it has huge potential to push them along a similar line to the Scots. Also with its huge catchy chorus, it also reminds me of a more indie, less heavy rock sounding You Me At Six. If they can continue to release records along a similar line to the style of this track, they undoubtedly have a great future ahead of them.

Listen to Call The Night here:


Dead Already – The Shakamoto Investigation

This is my first introduction to the Leeds band and it is a completely new style of music for me but I must say I like it. If you haven’t heard them before, think of a mashup of Slaves’ and Idles’ sonic makeup with a slightly softer lyrical style from Fontaines D.C. The culmination of this into one sound produces a very alternative punk indie rock vibe. With shouty vocals, it brings an aggressive edge to match the dark sound which is also shown in the lyrics. The Shakamoto Investigation certainly have a unique style and I cannot think of another band that is too similar to them as it’s not my usual style, other than the already stated influences that amalgamate to create this sound that fully fits into neither indie nor punk-rock genre.

Listen to Dead Already here:


Side Effects – Jade Bird.

Jade Bird is a powerhouse and force to be reckoned with. Whilst her earlier releases were slower and more acoustic-ballad type tracks, her newer sound is more upbeat indie-folk rock. The album is somewhat of a pep talk to a weak mind that needs encouragement to stand up and be what it can. Sonically, it is a mix between the softer solo acoustic makeup of her earlier tracks and the later more upbeat full band tracks, but they all have the same thoughtful, vastly-ranging influenced themes.

Of the tracks that were not released as singles, Side Effects, is easily my pick from the album. From her voice, it gives you a sense of swagger, one that tells you that she enjoys every second of what she does and oozes with confidence, and makes you want to get up in front of her and give her endless encouragement.

Listen to Side Effects here:


Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow – Yonaka


This is the latest instalment from Yonaka and is the last of the singles set to be released from their upcoming album, for which, Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow is the title track.

As written on their social media, “This song is for anyone struggling. Going through a hard time, feeling low and stuck.” The song follows in true Yonaka style, with heavy choruses that will get crowds really going during live sets and a demanding powerful voice from Theresa that makes you feel like you are Fucking With The Boss (F.W.T.B.) whenever she sings.

Yonaka have gone from strength the strength over the past few years. Whilst their earliest singles date back to 2016 with Ignorance and Drongo, they really caught onto something with Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya and they have spiralled upwards from there. Now with their debut album due out 31stMay, they will certainly have a great 2019.

Listen to Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow here:


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