Festival Review: Skeleton Coast 2019

Skeleton Coast 2019

Leasowe Castle, Wirral, 31st August 2019

Words & Photos: Elena Katrina 

This was my first visit to Skeleton Coast – we’ve covered it before but I hadn’t personally had the pleasure. This year I knew I had to go and try it out for myself and I was not at all disappointed. I didn’t really know what to expect and I wasn’t entirely alone in feeling at first like I had gate-crashed a very cool wedding. With one of the opening acts on the main stage being Sheffield 5-piece The Sea Monsters I made damn well sure I was there early. Vocally they remind me of Le Tigre in parts, not necessarily musically but the saccharine tonality of the vocal. They’re a band with five distinct personalities that each come to play while on stage as they deliver bop after bop. Get to see them, you will not be disappointed. We highly anticipate them hitting up more and more festivals over the next few years that’s for sure.

On far too early (if you ask me anyway) was our beloved Life At The Arcade – I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve played for us now or at least how many times I’ve thought about wanting them to play for us on top of those times – too many. This was a cracking set  – opening with my favourite track so far – Antidote. I forgot it wasn’t late at night as they blistered through their set giving us a sneak peek too at new track Attention – which like its name suggested, grabbed mine. Hoping they read this and decide to deliver it straight into my inbox! They have their biggest hometown headline set later this year at the O2 Academy (23rd November) and you… well you wanna get there!

The opportunity for me to see Dream Wife play again had also been a massive draw for me to attend this year. One of my favourite live bands of the past 2 or 3 years they absolutely delighted not just me but the crowd – they too felt the wedding vibes and so decided they’d give the conga a run out as Bella and Rakel threw themselves into the crowd to make the Wirral’s coolest ever conga line as I just stood open-mouthed trying to film it (unsuccessfully). Their set was more than I could have wished for, an absolute triumph. Empowering people to be themselves is a great thing and their song Somebody does just that – it gives power to people to take ownership of who they are and with such a great message I couldn’t help but beam. That wasn’t the highlight though, oh no, the highlight was an enthralling 7+ minute performance of FUU – I felt like I didn’t want to take a breath during the whole thing. Utterly mesmerising and if you’re lucky enough to know me you may want to ask me to have a look at my phone as I captured every glorious second of it so that I could re-live it. What a band. Dream Wife For Life!

The Peach Fuzz impressed me for the second time in a few months and were a perfect addition to this line up of mainly local acts. With a highly engaging and entertaining front-man, this is a band who are going to capture the hearts and minds of many. Making sure everyone knew it was a safe space and talking about inclusion was a really nice touch and seemed very well appreciated by the ever-growing crowd. Each single that comes out demonstrates further ability to pen a tune – a really bloody great tune and I feel like by the time their debut album is announced I’m going to proudly be a fully-fledged fan-girl. Big things are on the horizon for this band – mark my words.

If you’re a regular reader or follower of Popped then you’ll know how much we bloody love Red Rum Club here. It’s a team love, not just me. But I’ve been having withdrawal having not seen them for a few months. I needed a fix and I got one, boy did I get one. It didn’t surprise me one iota that the band would have fans galore out for this show. No matter my vantage point I loved every second. From the front to the middle to the back. Watching people wave their arms around and climb all over their mates to get a better view was exactly the reaction I knew this band would eventually have, from the first time I saw them. I won’t lie – I love being right.

There’s only a handful of bands I’ll fight my way through a stuffed room to make sure I can try and get some photos and one of those is The Mysterines – having kept up to date with them since I was given an EP years ago – which they tell me they made when they were 14 – I’ve been hooked. I may well have seen them at Reading Festival last weekend but once in a week is just not enough. New single Take Control, from their debut EP of the same name,  is possibly my favourite live track right now, from anyone. Though you could also include Pretty Face in there too. Was it worth fighting through the crowd for? Bet your backside it was. Was I able to hear after standing by the speaker for their headline set? Nope. Did I mind? Nope. Did I manage to get any decent photos for my troubles… errr not really but it was worth a shot! (excuse the pun!).

Back in the day, there was a time that I couldn’t leave a building without bumping into Miles Kane this time though when he was playing, no fucker was allowed near him. I found it kind of funny given the time he tried to introduce himself to the bonnet of my car. Regardless of this bizarre anecdote, there is a point and the point is this: if you want to have a massive headliner for a festival on the Wirral then right now Miles Kane is your man and wow what an atmosphere. I mean ballsy as hell to put Inhaler right in there at the start with confetti canons – I won’t lie, that threw me off guard a little, but it was epic and a bit of rule-breaking seemed to do the crowd all the power. Not that they weren’t swinging from the chandeliers before he even set on stage but my god the place was on fire. Both the crowd and Miles riled each other up and it was a set to remember… if you were sober enough to remember it that is.

Well, Skeleton Coast that was some day you delivered…. what’s the what now for 2020 is what we want to know. Oh and can we have a stage? 😀

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