Live Review: The Post Romantics – Liverpool

The Post Romantics

The Zanzibar, Liverpool, 20th September 2019

Words: Elena Katrina
Photos: Gary Lambert

Anyone who goes to gigs in Liverpool will probably have seen one of two of The Post Romantics crew out and about. After all, they go to more gigs than me! They genuinely love music, love gigs and support their local music scene so fiercely that of course as soon as they have a gig that people naturally flock to see it and why wouldn’t they. The Post Romantics are one of the hardest working bands around and it’s not just their music they work on.

The venue has been warmed up by the majesty of Monkey Junkey, the lo-fi high-pleasure of Charity Shop Pop and the rousing keyboard-driven 70s vibes of Nocturnal Coast and then came the darkness and the smoke. The hustle and bustle of people pushing forward was the first sign that this gig was going to be something else. The Post Romantics hadn’t played in Liverpool for an age and it would seem they really had picked up a whole host of fans in that time.

Once the stage had successfully been given the right atmosphere with smoke and dim lighting, the band of the night took to the stage to loud cheers and I looked around the room and felt a sense of excitement and pride (after all The Post Romantics have played for us before too). The Post Romantics cut a fine figure through the smoke, an undeniable silhouette. Their music bubbling an uneasy tune from the start the band set out their intentions from the get-go. This was their biggest headline show to date and they meant business. Their projected logo emblazoned behind them it was a showcase of not only their skills but their wider plans for musical domination. Lead singer Connor, tall and brooding bounces around the stage, his energy infectious. His movements mirrored by the fans in the crowd. His brothers Cam and Liam cut the atmosphere with razor-sharp sounds and cheekbones to match. Their eyes seemed fixed on something I couldn’t see, it unnerved me. A strange feeling considering that off stage these are four of the friendliest people I know. When on stage though, they become transformed and transfixed on their art and art it is.

The Post Romantics have a band name that belies their sound. They’re dark and brooding, they rap, they sing, they shout, they bounce and they have electronica that prints a sharp tattoo across their sound. Their latest single, Ride, got an outing early on in the set – which I found surprising yet entirely made sense by the time we came to the end. With only two releases under their belt, the success of this show is a testament to their hard work. We were treated to an urban thriller of a ride as newer tracks sat around some of their earlier work. The darkness comes with a message and brave honesty. Haunted we are told is a track that was never supposed to be in the public domain. Connor explains how it was written about his feelings of having wanted to kill himself and said that if playing it to people made someone feel able to reach out to talk then it was worth sharing. I found it a little upsetting to hear the pain but there was a beauty in it that wasn’t lost on me.

Fans of the band sang along to their best-known track Call It Off and there were howls of pleasure and arms waving. As the show went on the temperature rose – I know this because as the temperature my clothes became fewer and the cheers were becoming louder.  This was one of my favourite shows of 2019 from a band that make music that challenges and pushes my usual tastes. I’m not usually one for urban flavours but they mix it so well with the murky rock aesthetic that I became a fan almost immediately.

“We want more” three words that every band on the planet wants to hear chanted at the end of their set and oh did The Post Romantics get it. I hoped they revelled in it because I certainly did, my smile was ear to ear. A gig like that deserved a call for more and we were treated to a brand new track for the efforts of our lungs. This is a band who are on the cusp of something really exciting. Their next outting is for a show with Wolf Alice in London, let’s see them win over even more fans there because I know the next time they play in Liverpool, it will be bigger than even this wonderful night.



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