Live Review: Ten Tonnes – London

Ten Tonnes/h2>

Electric Brixton, London, 10th October 2019>/h5>
Words: Claire Hingley

Ten Tonnes – Elena Katrina

Well, I`ve seen Ten Tonnes so many times, that I’ve actually lost count. Alone this year I have seen him 8 times and he is just SO good live, that it still doesn’t seem enough to me! Now, unless you`ve been living under a rock for the past year or so you`re going to know who Ten Tonnes and co are. This time I went along to the first gig of their UK tour at Electric Brixton, which was the biggest venue they have headlined to date. I always enjoy seeing Ten Tonnes perform live and hey, I must do considering I travel to see him as much as I can.


The support act was singer/songwriter Zuzu. Admittedly, this was my first time of seeing Zuzu and her band play live though others of team Popped have seen her untold times and I can see why! She burst out energetic and raring to go, she definitely brings a unique feel to the scene. Singing in her thick Liverpudlian accent, she likes to interact with the crowd in between aswell during her songs and the crowd really seemed to warm towards her. Zuzu cuts a very distinctive voice with signs of catchy pop-rock tones with sci-fi vibes thrown in, listening to her set there would be no mistaking Zuzu if she came on the radio. 


But the moment we had been waiting for, you know when Ten Tonnes is about to grace us with his presence on stage, the lights go out and you’re plunged into darkness. Then all of a sudden Neil Diamonds ‘Sweet Caroline’ is blasting out through the speakers…the time has finally arrived. Mixing it up from his last outing, Ten Tonnes kicked off with the crowd-pleaser Lay It On Me. This song is always guaranteed to get your heart racing and Ethan always involves the crowd to join in on the chorus which really gets the place jumping. His album has been out since early May now and if you`re a fan you`re going to know every song from the self-titled album. Of course, sticking with classics such a Cracks Between and Silver Heat we were gifted with newer tracks like Nights In, Nights Out to the dreamy Missing You. But a personal favourite of mine, Look What You Started is purely sublime. Ethan`s guitar solo during this song may only last 20 or so seconds but wow you can see how much he relishes doing what he does with the biggest smile beaming across his face. I find this to also be a crowd favourite – or am I just being biased? Either way, it’s rocking chorus with the help of bandmates James, Charles and Sam, you find yourself lost in the moment.


I literally feel in a happy bubble when I see Ten Tonnes, his music, his personality just shines through and he makes you feel welcome. You may be on that venue floor with hundreds of other fans but he has such a strong connection with his fans and by inviting everyone for a party. The crowd will literally shove you just to get a glimpse and be that little bit closer to the stage, it`s become that mental. As they played through the songs, we were pleasantly surprised to hear a classic 60’s cover. A twist along the way, immaculately they performed Build Me Up Buttercup, working this extremely well with a rock style that suited them down to the ground, it was that good, they could have pulled it off as one of their own!


Working through track by track, they performed every song of the debut album and the crowd were clearly loving the set with people even on each other’s shoulders. You know it’s come to the last song when Ethan asks everyone to help him sing ‘Ooh Ooh’. Yep…it`s Lucy. Probably his most well-known song and an absolute banger live, they put their heart and soul into this last song, just one big jam together. Then there it is, when I hear the words ‘Thank you very much London’ the sadness sets in because I know that in less than 30 seconds the gig will be over.


I`ve never come away from a Ten Tonnes gig disappointed and if you`ve never had the pleasure of seeing Ten Tonnes live, you need to! He is definitely up there with my favourites and he is one artist I honestly can`t recommend highly enough. Go and check him out for yourself and maybe even go and see him on his next tour! I`m sure after a well-earned break, Ethan will most likely be putting everything into writing/recording his second album. I for one am beyond excited to see what Ethan has in store next. 2019 has been absolutely massive for him, I can`t even imagine what 2020 holds!

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