Quarantine Questions: Saltwater Sun

Saltwater Sun

Quarantine Questions

Additional Words by Gary Lambert

DSC_4543One of the most positive things of the current crisis we are all going through, no the only positive, is how Britain has across the board re-discovered their love for the NHS.  The frontline NHS staff right now are heroes risking their lives for others on a daily basis as we’ve seen with the sad loss of doctors and nurses who have got sick whilst working.  It just so happens that one of our favourite bands, Saltwater Sun, are fronted by one of those NHS staff.  Jen, somehow, managed to find the time between saving lives and looking after herself to answer our Quarantine Questions.

1.  How are things going at the moment for you?

All good thank you mate. We’re just adjusting to the new world order.


2.  How have your recent releases/gigs gone?

We‘ve been pretty quiet of late as we’ve been focusing on our writing. Our last release ‘Mouthbreather’ did pretty well.  It made it to The Rock List on Spotify, so we’re very grateful to those guys for that.  Also it featured in Flying Vinyl’s December box and we are putting the rest of that vinyl on sale now.  If anyone has any money they can spare, which we know is a big if, head over to our store and buy one – the money will go directly our album fund!

(Hint: if you want to buy one, click here and I can get to hear the Saltwater Sun album as soon as possible – GL)


3.  What are you doing to keep yourself occupied in Lockdown?

We’re really busy! I’ve picked up extra hours as I’m a nurse. Dan is providing Pilates sessions and bootcamps online to keep the masses fit during this weirdness, as well as looking after his 18 month old full time, as his partner trains other nurses to use ventilators.  Benny is doing online yoga sessions and drum lessons for kids.  Rob is keeping gas mains safe, and Joel is working on various musical projects until his work picks up again. We prefer to write together so that’s taken a little bit of a back seat at the moment.


4.  Who have you been listening to recently, before and after Lockdown?

There are so many excellent new releases, we’ve been enjoying, particularly Four Tet – Sixteen Oceans; Caribou – Suddenly; Soccer Mommy – Color Theory; and The Districts – You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere.  Special mention goes to Sorry’s debut 925 – they supported us when they were called Fish, it might have been their first ever gig actually.  It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come, it’s such an interesting and enjoyable album.


5.  What has been the favourite gig you’ve played?

It’s a tie between the shows we did supporting Jimmy Eat World as we’re lifelong fans and Truck Festival last year.  Truck might just inch ahead because the crowd was there just to see us – inexplicably The Market Stage, which is the second biggest, was packed with Saltwater Sunheads.  It felt like a dream.


6.  If you were only able to listen to one album in quarantine, what would you pick?

We’d probably go for Radiohead – In Rainbows because it’s scientifically impossible to get sick of any track on that record.


7.  What would you say represents your sound?

NME once described it as ‘the sound of opening a tin in the park’ which is probably one of our favourite pastimes, and one which we miss desperately,  so we’ll go with that!  A tinny in the back garden will have to do for now.

Cheers Popped, this ones for you!


Back at you Saltwater Sun!  Can’t wait to be able to have a can with you in the sunshine too.


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