Quarantine Questions: Prima Queen

Prima Queen

Quarantine Questions

Additional words and photos by Gary Lambert

Quarantine QuestionsDuring the start of 2020, before the brakes were slammed on hard, Prima Queen were one of the most exciting and interesting bands I had seen.  Watching them effortlessly entertain a packed o2 Academy in Liverpool supporting The Big Moon was a real treat as their transatlantic laidback pop music hit home with the audience without a doubt.  I was hoping that festival season would see me cross paths with the band on numerous occasions, alas it is probably not to be this year.  But we can at least get to know them a bit more via Quarantine Questions.

1.  How are you doing?

Missing each other, but we’re doing okay – just staying at home and trying to keep as sane as possible!

2.  How have your recent releases/gigs gone?

We’ve just released our very first music video for our most recent single Brownstone (see below).  We were supposed to have two gigs in March/April supporting Brooke Bentham and Annabel Alum which have both been rescheduled for August. We can’t wait to be back playing gigs again!


Prima Queen 13.  What are you doing to keep yourself occupied in Lockdown?

We have been working on new music – we’ve been writing songs together by sending demos back and forth, something that we’re an old hand at because of having to have to do the band long distance for a year.  Being very wholesome too: gardening, lots of baking, seems like the day mostly revolves around food…  We send each other a lot of recipes to make, zumba classes (while we Facetime each other), watching all 8 Harry Potter movies, putting together a house football team for when the Champions League starts up again


4.  Who have you been listening to recently?

A lot of good music has been released whilst we’ve been in quarantine like Sorry, Margaret Glaspy, China Bears, Porridge Radio, Soccer Mommy.  I think despite not being able to do any gigs at the moment now could be a great time to release an album because people are so hungry for entertainment.


5.  What has been the favourite gig you’ve played?

Probably our last show on tour with the Big Moon in Oxford! It was such a special moment for us and we got to go onstage with them and sing a song which was the best way to end the tour.


Prima Queen 26.  If you were only able to listen to one album in quarantine, what would you pick?

Kristin: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac – I never get sick of it and it’s good for any mood

Louise: 925 by Sorry – have been listening to it on repeat in isolation


7.  What would you say represents your sound?

We think Diana from Diana Listens said it best: A combination of lyrics referencing everyday woes, funny anecdotes and life’s questions, create a sound that has been described as, ‘ethereal yet gritty’. Their uplifting guitar sounds conjure a sense of sleepiness and haze but are juxtaposed with moments of raw, string strumming lucidity.

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