Festival Preview: FestEvol 2021 (Future Yard)

FestEvol 2021

Words by Gary Lambert

PRICE INFO: £15 plus booking fee – FestEvol

Well, well, well…  It seems like nothing is going to stop us now and festivals will be going ahead in 2021.  As much as I’ve tried to avoid building my hopes up, the announcement of the first date of FestEvol 2021 on Saturday 3 July at Future Yard in Birkenhead (this is The Wirral Edition of FestEvol with sister events in Liverpool still to come) has tipped me over the edge.  This is going to be a day that will live long in the memory.  There are great bands playing, the first full event at the fabulous Future Yard, and it will be the first event for the Liverpool music scene to celebrate the successes of each other.

This is a parochial all-dayer no getting away from it with the vast majority of acts on the bill coming from one side or the other of the River Mersey.  And as much as I love finding new bands from across the country for the first one back I want to see bands I’ve really missed over the last year; bands I have watched evolve; bands I consider to be friends.  It’s going to be a COVID-safe* event too for those who are a bit nervous about dipping your toes back into the water.

There is also serious value for money with your FestEvol ticket. £15 gets you 17 bands and 4 DJ sets going on until 2am.

*You will need to show a negative COVID test within 48 hours of the event along with your ticket to gain entry.

The only problem with FestEvol is having to decide which acts are going to be our Popped Picks for the event…

Popped Picks

Zuzu – After the gig the whole world seemed to be watching in Sefton Park, it’ll will be so exciting to watch Zuzu and her band tearing up a small stage once more.  She is going to make you dance, laugh, and want to be her best mate when it’s all over.  Plus there is a debut album coming soon enough, maybe we will get treated to more new songs in her headline set. These are exciting times for sure!

Liines – I think this is the first Liines show in Liverpool since their incredible performance supporting Sleaford Mods.  Even though I’ve seen Liines several times in the meantime, I’ve been waiting for this show ever since because Liverpool absolutely loved them.  It’s going to be brooding and intense.

MiG 15 – A young band from Liverpool named after a Soviet era jet singing electro-pop about love, space travel, and playing make believe in childhood.  It’s going to be fun, but this is also a band of highly talented musicians able to take their tracks beyond a blast of pleasure.

Pixey – With her mix of modern beats, smooth vocals and melody making that goes straight to your hips, Pixey is like Ray of Light era Madonna born under the warm, orange sky of a Mersey sunset.  Chess Club Records is home to so many of our favourites, find out why Pixey is likely to be the next on you love on that label. Unless you’re already in love with her music in which case I guess you’re looking forward to this like us.

Zee Davine and The Greater Birkenhead Augmented Orczeestra – The first solo performance of Zee Davine means another wild musical journey for us to go on. There will be grit, edginess and incredible mind blowing music.  Everything Zee creates is exciting even if you can’t find it on Spotify or YouTube yet.  This will be no exception.  And they will also be doing a Tokky Horror DJ set later on in the day too!

Get your tickets from 9am on Friday 14 May here.  There are only 350 of them and these are going to go quickly so it might need to be fastest finger first. We will see you there.

And this Popped Music playlist for FestEvol is going to be one of the soundtracks to our summer, so make sure you follow it too.  
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