Liverpool Sound City

Various venues, Liverpool city centre, 1-3 October 2021

Words by Gary Lambert

Tickets from £29.50 for a day to £59.50 for a weekend available here.

As a music fan based in Liverpool there are few things that get me as giddy as the words Liverpool Sound City.  One of the longest standing metropolitan festivals in the country, over the years we’ve seen mesmerising sets from all manner of artists from all over the globe.  Obviously this year the scope is a little closer to home than the days of having Korean, Argentinian and Polish showcases in the back rooms of city centre bars, but that feeling of exploration will never leave Sound City.  Now back in its spiritual home of Liverpool city centre after a nomadic time along the docks and in the Baltic Triangle, it really is going to be one of the best weekends of the year.

Who would we recommend you go to see?  Honestly, I’d recommend you get there in time for breakfast and then work around seeing as many bands that you’ve never heard of in whatever genre they may be.  But that’s not really doing my job at Popped so here goes…


Fresh from a headline slot on This Feeling’s stage at the Isle of Wight Festival, the Liverpool-based four-piece will leave you in no doubt as to why they’ve got so many people talking about them.  With stratospherically big tracks like Placebo and Hush, you need to prepare yourself for the power of Crawlers.

Frankie Beetlestone

This future star has grabbed Popped Music by the ears with tracks like Sober Again and Lucky Day. Uplifting pop music with lyrics that will grab you, I personally cannot wait to catch their set.


Does anybody make music that feels as evocative of the joy that music festivals generate than Spinn?  Leading up to their second album, Spinn guarantee pop perfection in each song.  It could be howling a gale with the rain coming down in stair rods, and Spinn will make everything seem like a tranquil day in early summer.  We love them and can’t wait to watch them again.

King No One

A band with pizzazz King No One will put on a show like few around.  Made for grabbing new fans at festivals with dramatic, high energy performances that frame their wonderful songs with style.  You’re going to love their stomping glamour make no mistake.


We’ve recommended Pixey before, and we will recommend Pixey again.  She is a wonderful artist who seems to be able to sculpt pop perfection at will.  It will be feel good music to dance to, but take a moment to examine the sheer artistry that goes into the work. You will love Pixey.


Dream Chaos (and the acoustic take Redream Chaos) and Monthly Friend are amongst our favourite albums of the last few years, and seeing Wyldest perform once again is something we are looking forward to massively. And even if you don’t know any of their work yet, there’s always a good chance of a cover that will put a new spin on an old favourite.


If you like big indie music than Manchester’s Pacific might just be the band for you. Their mix of guitars and keyboards creating a sound that could fill any room and make you want to join in with them.

Red Rum Club

Hometown heroes headline slot. It seems a bit obvious to say to people they should watch the headliner, but Red Rum Club are a band in form preparing for the biggest headline show of their careers at Mountford Hall in October (sold out). There’ll be tracks from all three albums and the biggest party atmosphere of Sound City 2021.

This is going to be an incredible three days of music, art and hanging around Liverpool city centre. I honestly couldn’t think of anything better to do.

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