FestEvol 2022

Future Yard, Birkenhead, 2 July 2022

Words and Photos by Gary Lambert

Good vibes are coming to Birkenhead! Last year’s FestEvol visit to Future Yard was a great way for uninhibited live music events to return to the Peninsular, and happiness is once again with a new set of bands. For all dayers, Future Yard is the perfect venue with their vast yard serving as sun trap, chill out zone, and second stage. You will probably get your photo taken by me there too as golden hour hits something different too – especially on the big pink pallet benches.

Obviously though FestEvol is about listening to good music alongside having a good time – and this bill is jam packed with good bands. With Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard headlining the event on the back of a stunning performance recently at Arts Club alongside the likes of Bandit, Panic Shack, and Hushtones this is a heavy line up make no mistake. For £20, it’s an absolute bargain.

If it’s a nice day treat yourself to whatever an All Zones Saveaway is called these days and get the ferry over. And don’t stress about getting back over the water from Birkenhead, you’ll easily make it to Hamilton Square with enough time to get your connecting train afterwards too.

Ones To Watch

Fresh from playing several sets across the weekend at Glastonbury Festival, the Manchester-based act bring their modern pop takes on murder ballads to Birkenhead. Think Nick Caves and The Bad Seeds having a bedroom pop period inspired by true crime podcasts and Netflix boxsets. A young band, but one that could go on to greater things quite easily if songs like Throw It All In The Fire and Revolution are anything to go by.

Panic Shack
You might not have seen Panic Shack yet, but you’re in for a treat when you do. Energetic, punky, witty, and offering a nice splash of choreography, they are guaranteed to kick a crowd up the arse like it is Bishop Brennan. Even if you don’t like to get energetic when you watch live music, the lyrics of songs like Who’s Got My Lighter and Mannequin Man should bring a smile to your face.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard
I saw this band last summer and in a fit of hunger and thirst (I’d brought cash and forgot my card to a cashless venue) decided after a song that I didn’t like them and went to the garage around the corner for a Ginsters. Well I was proven massively wrong after their set at Arts Club earlier this year which left me completely and utterly enthralled, and I am so excited to see them again. Their retro-rock has a great warmth to it so we are certain to get a crowd-pleaser of a headline.

The Dream Machine
Possibly the best band a lot of people won’t have heard of if rumours are to be believed. I say that because I’ve not yet been lucky enough to catch this band live, but pretty much everybody who I trust the musical judgment of has caught the band and raved about them afterwards. This is a set that I’ll be catching for no other reason than my own pleasure and the joy of taking a step into the musical unknown.

Buy your tickets for FestEvol here

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