Track Review: The Joys Of Sleeping – Dude York Pt2

The Joys Of Sleeping

the joy of sleepingIn May of last year I was sent a track to listen to by a band I’d never heard of called The Joys Of Sleeping – something I wholeheartedly agree with, so joyful, when you can sleep anyway. Well it turns out that I loved the track they’d sent me and there was promise of more because it was Dude York Part 1.  Well over a year later there’s another e-main in my inbox. They are back, and joy oh joy they have finished Part 2 and we can hear it!

Dude York Part 2 is just as beautiful as it’s counterpart if not more so. With the simplest of guitar melodies that repeat and draw you in and when it’s kept simple you really focus in on the lyrics. Lyrically this song is poetic and tells a story that personally hits home quite a lot (well once I’ve stolen them and given them my own meaning of course). Harmonies are kept simple too – nothing mind blowing but it is that simplicity which makes you feel even more cocooned inside the song.

I’m not sure what it is about the use of a xylophone in songs like this but throw it in to the mix and I’m a little giddy. There’s something magical about the sound and combined with the simple and yet captivating music and velvet richness of the vocal Duke York Part 2 has me as happy as Part 1 and you really cannot ask for more than that. Well… except from a part 3.

Listen to Duke York Pt2 here:

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