Just Listen: Dantevilles – Graffiti

Dantevilles Words: Gary Lambert As Stockport slowly turns into the northern powerhouse of up-and-coming guitar music, the latest act to start their spring is Dantevilles. If you are expecting a Blossoms sequel though I am glad to say that you are going to be disappointed. Dantevilles have a distinctly northern England sound, but with this … Continue reading

Just Listen: Jack Garratt – BYSKB v2v2 (demo)

Jack Garratt Words: Lauren Grigor One of my absolute faves, Jack Garratt, can he do no wrong? Following his massive debut album Phase earlier this year, numerous UK/EU tours and playing the biggest festivals this summer, BYSKB v2v2 (demo) is the Jack Garratt I signed up for; fantastic flawless production, a modern electronic sampling style that feels graceful … Continue reading

Just Listen: Krrum – Still Love

Krrum Words: Lauren Grigor If you haven’t heard of Krrum yet, you need to drop everything and follow this Producer/singer/hero from Leeds. Still Love is the latest in a few releases that have been generating some serious interest, not just in the twitter sphere but in clubs and house parties. Krrum has a knack for … Continue reading

Just Listen: Tsar B – Swim

Tsar B Words: Lauren Grigor Sometimes the female pop world can feel saturated with women writing/performing songs according to what their label or demographic dictates. If music is considered sexy it might be because of blatantly crass lyrics or because it features gyrating bodies for men’s entertainment. And then there is Belgium’s Tsar B with Swim. I have … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fond of Rudy – The Line

Fond Of Rudy Words: James Booton An upbeat, well-toned riff lies as the basis of the new single,The Line, from Fond Of Rudy and the energy of the band, along with their clear love music displayed in the track’s melodies is infectious. Originating from Brighton, the four piece have made a name for themselves over … Continue reading

Just Listen: Coast Modern – The Way it Was

Coast Modern Words: Lauren Grigor Since Coast Modern popped(!) up on our radar last year with the catchy Hollow Life, the LA low-key funky surf pop duo have evolved into a quirky brand of two funny guys, trying to navigate life and materialism in the most superficial city in the world with no money – just spirit and … Continue reading

Just Listen: Holy Holy – Darwinism

Holy Holy Words: James Booton After returning to the studio to release a new track less than year after their debut album, you could be forgiven for presuming Holy Holy had become greedy for success or perhaps that they were being pressured into new releases by their label. However, this is not the case. The … Continue reading

Just Listen: Banners – Half Light

Banners Words: Georgia Evans British musician Banners presents his stunning track Half Light. It’s the latest from him, having gone from singing in choirs in Liverpool to being a fascinating singer-songwriter. With a fixating piano intro that contrasts with his crisp and fresh vocals you can hear the influence and inspiration by many artists including … Continue reading

Single Review: Hozier – From Eden

From Eden Released December 1st 2014 As one of my favourite tracks on the album I was both thrilled and yet surprised to see this From Eden was getting a release. Why? It’s already been released earlier this year as an EP. I suppose you could say that it’s so good that it’s worthy of … Continue reading

Single Review: Jim Valentine – Make You Mine

Make You Mine Released November 2014 I have a feeling new band Jim Valentine might be a bit of a Marmite band, if people actually don’t get too confused that the band is not just a singer, at least Jim tells me they’re a band though only sends a picture of himself. Confusing but I … Continue reading

Single Review: Brooke Bentham – We’ll Be Ghosts

We’ll Be Ghosts Out Now Words: Julia Grantham This stunning debut single from Brooke Bentham, a singer/songwriter from South Shields, is a beautiful song. Not just another female artist trying to make her way in the music world, this stops you in your tracks, makes you listen and leaves you wanting more. Her voice is … Continue reading

Single Review – All We Are – I Wear You

I Wear You Released 3rd November 2014 Words: Julia Grantham The members that make up this trio that is All We Are, come from Ireland, Norway and Brazil and this song is as rich in sound as it is diverse in the nationalities of its songwriters. It is cool, breezy and poignant, yet catchy and … Continue reading

Single Review: Carl Barat & The Jackals – Glory Days

 Glory Days Released 26th September 2014 Words by Sean Regan For the benefit of everybody who doesn’t read the British Tabloids, Carl Barât is one half of the song writing partnership that made up The Libertines, a band that achieved some mainstream success during the early noughties. Unfortunately, following the release of their debut album, … Continue reading

Single Review: Jackil – Istanbul

Istanbul Reelased 29th September 2014 Jackil’s single Istanbul brings an unashamedly 1980s vibe that I am just in love with. There is everything you could possibly want in an electronic pop song in this track; vocals that catch your attention – especially with that amazing high range, giving it a very MJ feel. The bass … Continue reading

Single Review: The Heatbreaks – Absolved

Absolved Released on May 25th 2014 In my mind this is almost a different band to the one I saw play in Manchester’s Ruby Lounge in 2012 but they still have the underlying passion and flare that I heard back then only now they have an even bigger dash of vintage pop and a crazy … Continue reading

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