Live Review: Paris Youth Foundation – Liverpool

Paris Youth Foundation Arts Club, Liverpool, April 14th 2017 Words: Rebecca Worthington After hearing that their debut performance was on the BBC introducing stage at Reading and Leeds festival but missing out on their Liverpool headliner at Buyer’s Club back in December I was excited to kick start my Easter weekend by seeing Paris Youth … Continue reading

Just Listen: All We Are – Burn It All Out

All We Are Words: Gary Feeney The three members of All We Are hail from Brazil, Ireland and Norway before moving to Liverpool where they met and formed their band, so it seems fitting that having travelled sizeable distances to begin their musical career, they’ve also taken a significant musical journey between releasing their self-titled … Continue reading

Just Listen: White – One Night Stand Forever

White Words: Gary Feeney With their long-awaited debut album One Night Stand Forever due next month, WHITE have released the eponymous track as their latest single and it is, in the parlance of today’s youth, an absolute banger. A feature of the band’s live set for some time now, One Night Stand Forever is a … Continue reading

Just Listen: Meadowlark – Postcards

Meadowlark Words: Leander Hobbs The raspy yet gentle-sweet vocals of Kate McGill are joined by the light tinkling of piano keys like summer rain from my stereo and I am washed in a hazy and heady musical perfume. This is Postcards, the first single from Bristol based Meadowlark’s anticipated debut album of the same name, … Continue reading

Just Listen: Plaza – Deep In My Head

Plaza Words: Gary Feeney When I wrote about Plaza’s single Origami for Popped, I noted the impressive complexity and musical depth on show, and that it was a single which was certain to have you going back for more from the band. Fast forward a month or so, then, and both of those observations ring … Continue reading

Just Listen: Bruno Major – Second Time

Bruno Major Words: Nick Bewes Hey Bruno! No not you Mr Mars, there’s a new Bruno on the block. His name is Bruno Major. He is someone I have been keeping an ear out for since the turn of the year when I  heard his track The First Thing You See and was impressed. Now … Continue reading

Just Listen: Winter’s Island – Fire

Winter’s Island Words: Nick Bewes One of the best things about being a music fan is discovering new music and bands. Since getting the new track from London trio Winters Island have become one of my favourites. The new track Fire is like Coldplay, Hurts and Fenech Solar have got together and produced a track … Continue reading

Just Listen: Panda Cult – First Time

Panda Cult Words: Elena Katrina  When you hear the perfect indie pop song you know it. Panda Cult have just that with their debut single First Time. Infectious melodies with every twist and turn. Lyrics which are easy to latch on to and join in with even after just the first listen. For a first … Continue reading

Popped Playlist: #010

Popped Playlist #010 With more minutes of music coming in than hours available in the day to listen to and share there’s only one way forward. A collection of our favourite tracks that hit our ears each month. Some that have already featured on Popped and plenty that just we ran out of time for … Continue reading

EP Review: Peaness – Are You Sure

Are You Sure Released 5th May 2017 Words: Leander Hobbs Described as infectious and sugar-coated indie-pop Peaness (think about it!) new EP, Are You Sure? released on 5th May 2017 via Alcopop! Records, is saccharine sunshine at its best.  The Chester-based, all-girl trio has created an upbeat and infuriatingly catchy collection of songs with killer … Continue reading

Just Listen: Native Kings – Afraid To Love You

Native Kings Words: Nick Bewes Continuing the great tradition of rock’s trios, Liverpool’s Native Kings produce a big noise  even though there’s only three of them. Think more Muse and Ash than Genesis though! The band have released a new single Afraid To Love You and it’s a cracker, right from the opening riff to … Continue reading

Just Listen: Eat Fast – Scrambled Egg

Eat Fast Words: Gary Feeney Following on from the blistering Public Display of Affection and Sand Drone, Scrambled Egg, the latest single from Eat Fast’s forthcoming EP, is a slightly less frenetic but no less fuzzy affair. A little more nuanced than the others, the curiously -titled track opens with syncopated drum and bass pattern … Continue reading

Just Listen: White Hart – Friction

White Hart Words: Leander Hobbs With a title like Friction, I was ready for Brighton band White Hart’s debut single to be raw, abrasive and well frictional. In fact what I got was a poppy, energetic and pretty pleasant sound that doesn’t exactly blaze a trail but had me singing along by the second chorus. … Continue reading

Just Listen: Ten Tonnes – Silver Heat

Ten Tonnes Words: Leander Hobbs Silver Heat, the brand new and official debut offering by Hertfordshire lad Ten Tonnes, aka Ethan Barnett, is a scorcher of a record. It grabs you and doesn’t let go, smashing you over the head and pulling out your teeth for good measure. Ten Tonne’s vocals are like a kids … Continue reading

Just Listen: Baby Strange – Motormind

Baby Strange Words: Gary Feeney Having confirmed their status as one of the finest purveyors of full-on rock’n’roll in recent times with their 2016 album, Want It, Need It, Baby Strange have returned louder and more visceral than ever with their new single Motormind. Clocking in at just two and a half minutes, Motormind seems … Continue reading

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