Just Listen: Pale Waves – Television Romance

Pale Waves Words: Elena Katrina  It’s interesting to see how far Pale Waves have come over the last 12 months or so – their brand new single Television Romance sounds as if they’ve been having out with The 1975, which is no bad thing but their live performances have always been more grungy than poppy. … Continue reading

Just Listen: Henry Jamison – Sunlit Juice

Henry Jamison Words: Elena Katrina  When I leave it to the team to write all the posts (because I’m busy doing the general admin and organising which takes up way too much time) then songs like this get missed because it’s not a slap in the face nor is it by a buzz band. Henry … Continue reading

Just Listen: Motherhood – Save Me

Motherhood Words: Elena Katrina Motherhood are a band who aren’t looking to hide their pop sensibilities behind any kind of essence of cool, edgy, whateverness…. and that’s because they don’t have to. They ooze cool all over the shop with their latest single Save Me. Upbeat melodies and plastered with electronic 80s vibes that hop skip … Continue reading

Just Listen: SeaWitches – Absolve

SeaWitches – Absolve Words: Elena Katrina Liverpool’s  SeaWitches return with an inspired new track in Absolved. Vocals and music that moves in sultry waves and ripples throughout. There is also some really interesting guitar and bass work, which, for me, is tinged with an rich intercontinental flavour. Absolved is probably my favourite ever of theirs. … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fond Of Rudy – LOVE

Fond Of Rudy Words: Elena Katrina This latest single, Love, from Fond Of Rudy has darker sounds than we’ve been used to from this Brighton four-piece. It’s moody and  of a much slower pace. It’s electronic backing track is full of surprises and there’s actually a part of me that things this with an orchestra … Continue reading

Just Listen: Twin Kidd – Retrograde

Twin Kidd Words: Elena Katrina  The rain is falling hard outside and it’s dark and dank and all those other dreary words you shouldn’t be associating with August and my mood is shocking. What I need is something that can transcend all of this and lift my spirits. Thank goodness then for Twin Kidd and … Continue reading

Just Listen: Memory Foam – Flatsharing Is A Terrible Idea

Memory Foam Words: Elena Katrina We recently lost one of our beloved indie bands (The Maccabees) so any band that can help stuff the, now, gaping crevice of our jingly-jangly-indie-loving heart is alright by us – and Memory Foam do just that with their debut track Flatsharing Is A Terrible Idea. For a debut single … Continue reading

Just Listen: The Vryll Society – Shadow Of A Wave

The Vryll Society Words: Nick Jacques It’s not long to go now before The Vryll Society unleash their much anticipated debut album on us all. In the meantime lose yourself in this latest offering; a strident and expansive clanger of a song! Iridescent guitar licks wash over and combine with searing vocals about searching for … Continue reading

Just Listen: Luna Bay – Hometown

Luna Bay Words: Nick Bewes I’m not going to mess about here, the new single from Luna Bay, Hometown, is a great single. It has an infectious melody that hooks you in, before the chorus takes over, with heavier drums and guitars, group harmonies and the kitchen sink! Hailing from different parts of the country … Continue reading

Just Listen: Sam Valdez – Hours

Sam Valdez Words: Elena Katrina  From the first few notes of hearing Hours by Sam Valdez I was compelled to write about it. Hauntingly beautiful and striking vocals which are, at times, reminiscent of Lana Del Ray. Backed with a quietly atmospheric soundtrack which creates a feeling of unease with steady ripples and a uneasy … Continue reading

Just Listen: Silver Wilson – I’ll Be There

Silver Wilson Words: Nick Bewes One of the good things about some modern music is that can’t be categorized, it spans more than one genre. Take The 1975, once of the rock/Indie club are now producing some great Pop songs. With that in mind, let me tell you about Silver Wilson. This three piece from … Continue reading

Just Listen: Catholic Action – Propaganda

Catholic Action Words: Gary Feeney We’ve been banging on about how good Catholic Action are for a long time now, so naturally we’re very excited indeed about their new single, Propaganda. Their first single since February’s Doing Well – one of best of songs the year so far, if you ask us – Propaganda is … Continue reading

Just Listen: Liam Gallagher – Chinatown

Liam Gallagher Words: Gary Lambert Woah!  Is it the noughties again?  Liam Gallagher has made a tune that sounds different, albeit in a comfortably familiar way.  Chinatown sees Liam forget all about the steady paced anthems that his brother was and is able to churn out like a singalong factory.  Instead we have hints of … Continue reading

Just Listen: The Night Cafe – Felicity

The Night Cafe Words: Gary Lambert The Night Café want your attention – and they are going about the best possible way to get it. When listening to this track, Felicity, the opening lightning bolt of angry guitar jangle is enough to make your eyes pop out of your head like a shotgun fired by … Continue reading

Just Listen: Haim – Little Of Your Love

Haim Words: Charlotte Minett Little Of Your Love is the most jazzy we’ve heard from Haim, even starting with a glissando. This track sounds fresh out of a popular musical. Of course, in true Haim style it has a steady beginning, but leads up to the quick-fire lyrics of “gimme just a little of your … Continue reading

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