Just Listen: Pssy Pwr – Rodeo

Pssy Pwr Words: Elena Katrina This is the second track from Pssy Pwr and it continues to bring an inspired concoction of musical elements to play with Rodeo – from punk attitude, pop sentiments and even some dance klaxons and a urban rap feel thrown in for good measure. It’s not just their mix of … Continue reading

Just Listen: Black Honey – Somebody Better

Black Honey Words: Elena Katrina Black Honey continue their musical journey into 2017 with brand new single Somebody Better and it’s an absolute dream. It’s probably their poppiest upbeat offering to date but there’s a steady driving rock theme still rocking out that gains and gains until it’s pushed and bullied it’s way to the … Continue reading

Just Watch: Lucy Rose – Floral Dresses (Ft The Staves)

Lucy Rose Words: Julia Grantham I first came across Lucy Rose when I was fortunate enough to review her second album Work it Out back in the summer of 2015, and her popularity and recognition has continued to grow since then. This latest single Floral Dresses (Ft The Staves), showcases a return to her folk-acoustic … Continue reading

Just Listen: Pins – All Hail

Pins Words: Gary Lambert The latest release, All Hail, from Manchester’s wonderful PINS is a piece of dreampop punk which showcases the vocal quality available to this group like never before. Whilst still keeping a hint of the rhythmic motif from Aggrophobe which suggested an ancient crowd worshipping, All Hail is more celebratory in tone … Continue reading

Just Watch: Cupids – Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)

Cupids Words: Julia Grantham I was ecstatic to learn that, finally, this irresistible and powerful track by Cupids has been put out there for the public to enjoy.  Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait) is all at complete earworm; with a strong, clear bass line, super crystal clear vocals and backing vocals and Sid … Continue reading

Just Listen: Dream Wife – Somebody

Dream Wife Words: Elena Katrina One of my absolute favourite bands of the last year or so Dream Wife release new single Somebody. With lyrics such as “I am not my body I am somebody” it’s the kind of track that will make you not just sway your entire body to the strong beats and … Continue reading

Just Listen: The Night Cafe – The Way Of Mary

The Night Cafe Words: Gary Lambert The latest release, The Way Of Mary, shows off all that is good about The Night Café. In a strange way, this song reminds me of the Naïve-era version of The Kooks with the effortless way the band manage to put together a pop tune. It feels so natural … Continue reading

Just Listen: Darlia – Ballad of Black & White

Darlia Words: Elena Katrina Back in 2015 Darlia released their debut album Petals, containing what was to become some of my biggest ear worms of the year. They also gave me live performances I thought I would never get enough of and then rudely disappeared. Thankfully though we now have the return with brand new … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fickle Friends – Hello Hello

Fickle Friends Words: Elena Katrina I always wonder how it is that some bands manage to bash out catchy track after catchy track and don’t even seem to break a sweat when doing it. Popped Music faves Fickle Friends are one of those very bands. They always seem to have 80s synth pop in abundance … Continue reading

Just Listen: The Calm Fiasco – Just Don’t Care Anymore

The Calm Fiasco Words: Gary Feeney The Calm Fiasco is a name which I’ve saw loads of times online and in and around their native Glasgow recently, so since I’d never got round to checking them out, it was a welcome surprise when their new single, Just Don’t Care Anymore, landed in my inbox. The … Continue reading

Just Listen: John Joseph Brill – I’m Not Alright

John Joseph Brill Words: Elena Katrina I’m Not Alright is possibly the softest work I’ve heard so far from John Joseph Brill. Usually there’s a gruff darkness to both his stunningly low vocal and indeed the music. There are still hints to his tone but this track demonstrates a more upbeat melodious move in his … Continue reading

Just Listen: Rory Wynne – Star In The Sky

Rory Wynne Words: Julia Grantham Taken from Rory Wynne’s EP, What would Rory Wynne do?, lead track Star in The Sky is rhythmic, accessible and has a strong steady beat that is sure to get any Indie music fan dancing along this Spring as Rory, a fellow Stockport lad, embarks on neighbouring band Blossoms’ Spring … Continue reading

Just Listen: Miccoli – Idle Stranger

Miccoli Words: Elena Katrina Miccoli are totally new to me and though their forthcoming track, Idle Stranger, gives a huge dollop of indie pop and it’s the lush combination of male/female vocals that really made me fall for it. They create a gentle and cloud like texture together, against the twinkling guitars and upbeat backing … Continue reading

Just Listen: Bryde – Less

Bryde Words: Elena Katrina The beginning of Bryde’s new track, Less, brings me to picture a dark dark scene; looming trees, angry branches twisted and turning into each other. Then as her vocal comes in there’s an added sense of suspense, when he vocal almost breaks now and then into a slither of vulnerability, like … Continue reading

Just Listen: Caesar – Crossed Wire

Caesar Words: Gary Feeney Manchester four-piece Caesar are fairly new kids on the musical block, a status which would be hard to guess from their powerful new single, Crossed Wires. A song of several parts, the first minute or so is a gentle, ambient instrumental which reminds me of the sound of waves lapping on … Continue reading

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