Interview Exclusive: Honeyblood

Honeyblood Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones When Honeyblood met up with Popped Music, Liverpool was suffering a night of horrendous hailstones which came down so thickly – and painfully – that it looked like the streets were covered in snow rather than small balls of evil. This meant that we, “The G’s” (as our … Continue reading

Interview Exclusive: Hidden Charms

Hidden Charms Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones There is so much excitement afoot in the British new music scene. I feel it in the pit of my stomach watching a number of bands nowadays that they are growing and improving constantly. Blossoms have pretty much made 2016 their own, but their success has surely … Continue reading

Interview: Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid Words & Photos: Elena Katrina It’s been a year to the day since we last sat down with the lovely guys n gal that are Clean Cut Kid, when they played the closing party for Liverpool Music Week. This year they’re back in town same day same festival, only now they’re headlining … Continue reading

Interview: Ady Suleiman

Ady Suleiman Words: Gary Lamberts Photos: Gaz Jones A feeling of doom came over me upon meeting Ady Suleiman and his tour manager, Chris, outside Manchester’s fantastic Albert Hall. Ady was sucking on to an old fashioned inhaler. Experience of meeting singers has been that if ever they are doing something specific to protect their … Continue reading

Interview: Judas

Judas Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Fi Carroll We’ve been cheekily sitting on this interview with Judas for some months now, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for what you might ask. Well waiting for “that” moment, the right time to leash this lil beauty onto the world and it would seem that the time has come – … Continue reading

Interview: Fatherson

Fatherson Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones It has not been easy these last few weeks to remember what winter really felt like, but when Glasgow’s leading men, Fatherson, came to Liverpool back in February they brought the bitter cold of the Highlands south with them. On such a day it was recommended to stay … Continue reading

Interview: Band Of Skulls

Band Of Skulls Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Sara Harvey It’s an exciting time right now if you’re a fan of Band Of Skulls, or indeed are one of the three awesome people in Band Of Skulls – at least I think so. With album number four, By Default,  done and dusted and sat waiting to … Continue reading

Interview: The Amazons

The Amazons Words: Gary Lambert Regardless of how an interview goes, I always come away from the sessions feeling fortunate to meet the artist or band. It is exciting to see beyond the looking glass and get some insight into what goes on in the lives of a rock band. Sometimes the band you meet … Continue reading

Interview: Eliza Shaddad

Eliza Shaddad Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Sam Rowlands The last time I saw Eliza Shaddad was in the Summer of 2015, on stage in Liverpool’s Arts Club for I Love Live Event’s X&Y festival where she was simply spell-bounding. Since then there’s been some Twitter chatter between us and several fantastic new releases all leading … Continue reading

Interview: Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones Generally within the first three minutes of meeting a band you have a good idea as to how the interview is going to go. When Popped Music met Sundara Karma at the end of an intensive tour, as the band’s collective target was to play three more … Continue reading

Interview: The Wombats

The Wombats Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones The highpoint in the Popped Music interviews for 2015 was undoubtedly the invitation we received to meet up with The Wombats prior to their sell-out gig at Liverpool’s Guild of Students. For The G’s it was an opportunity to meet up with a band we had grown … Continue reading

Interview: Black Honey

Black Honey Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones In the British music blogging world there was one winner of 2015. Brighton’s female-fronted indie rock band Black Honey have had blog-bouquets and review-riches thrown at them from before the release of their single Madonna. Popped Music have had the fortune to watch Black Honey on several … Continue reading

Interview: Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – Robert Burns. This was experienced at Popped Music’s latest Snap n Chat with the all-conquering Nothing But Thieves. With an early evening slot booked to meet the band, we found out that things were … Continue reading

Interview: Natalie McCool

Natalie McCool Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones Just a few short hours before Natalie McCool went on stage at the launch night for her new single, the absolutely brilliant Cardiac Arrest, we were lucky enough to spend some time with her and find out how 2015 has gone for her and what is in … Continue reading

Interview: Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones Almost every band we speak with tells similar stories of going through the grind of touring and endlessly playing gigs in the hope of being spotted and maybe selling a few t-shirts and EPs to help pay for the petrol home from Inverness. Everybody dreams of … Continue reading

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