Interview: The Mysterines

The Mysterines

Words & Photos: Gary Lambert

The Mysterines 1A sunny January day walking around Liverpool’s historical Albert Dock taking a few photographs is pretty much a perfect day for me.  When you’re accompanied by one of Britain’s most exciting and in demand bands removes all doubt and makes it possible for Lou Reed to soundtrack my adventures.  If you don’t know The Mysterines by now, I suggest that you use the next five minutes of your time to get to know them a bit then listen to their music.  At the end of listening to their music, I’d suggest you go and buy one of the few remaining tickets for their tour in February.  And if you can’t wait that long, put out a desperate, pleading “any spares?” tweet for their This Feeling Big in 2020 show that’s been long sold out.

The Mysterines are an exciting package make no mistake.  And this isn’t a marketing campaign spiel of excitement.  This is an excitement based on watching hundreds of bands each year, and the indescribable feeling that comes when you see a band who just have it.  They seem to just exist rather than be born as though the music has provided its own immaculate conception.  Even though The Mysterines share my city, they are not a Liverpool band, they are the world’s band.

At the moment, everybody seems to be tipping The Mysterines as a band to watch during the next twelve months.  Almost daily, or several times per day, there is a new article posted proclaiming the band.  “It’s so flattering and gives you such a buzz seeing yourself lined up with bands that you like as well.  It’s great for us.  It gets you excited for the gigs coming up, and for the rest of the year ahead.  Seeing it give us all a push to want to meet people’s expectations.  I just need to remember to share the tweets and thank people for nominating us”

The Mysterines 4Rather than let a list do their talking for them, This Feeling put on a series of gigs each year showcasing the bands that they believe will be skyrocketing by the end of the year.  I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’m super excited for going to The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds to watch The Mysterines and the band are just as excited too.  “Oh it’s going to be boss.  The Brudenell is such a good venue and it’s been sold out for ages so everybody is going to be up for it.  We’ve played there a few times, and everything about it is great.  Even being able to get a pie.  I can’t wait for a Pieminister.  And the mash is really nice too”.

The collective eyes of The Mysterines though are not just focused on January.  “We’ve got so much planned for this year.  At the moment, we are just finishing off the planning of it all, but we’ve got some festivals in the book already which we really should tweet about.  The tour coming up is something we are all excited about.  Most of the dates are sold out now, and our biggest Liverpool show has only a handful of tickets left.  We had to upgrade our London gig to a 500-capacity venue which was brilliant for us because it sold out so quickly.  We are all really excited over that as we love playing London shows.  We played Brixton Academy with The Amazons towards the end of last year and that was so good”

The Mysterines 3As well as touring with The Amazons, The Mysterines have had a few top class support slots with the likes of Royal Blood, and Sea Girls.  All of whom seem, to me at least, to have different styles and different fanbases.  Note: Before you get tempted to argue with me on Twitter, I’m not suggesting any band is better than any other.  “You have to think about it.  We don’t look to play differently, but you know that some groups are more in tune with your inspirations and tastes than others, so we look to adapt our sets to make sure the crowd enjoy it.  All of the nights on those tours were boss.

“Thanks to social media too you get to see what an impression you’ve made on people.  After the Sea Girls tour, loads of Sea Girls fan pages started following us and tagging us in things so that was great.  Their fanbase are really dedicated to Sea Girls too.  They were crowded every time they left the venue.”

It isn’t just on the live scene that you will be getting your hit of The Mysterines either.  “We’ve got a single called Love’s Not Enough which is due out on 3 February.  I should do a post about that too.  Shit!  I’m going to have to use this interview as a to do list for Twitter.  We recorded it in Parr Street with Jay and Chris back when we did Who’s Ur Girl.  We’re dead easy in the studio, not fussy about production, and trust the people who we work with.  We did both of those songs on the same day.  We go in there play rock music.  There’s not much to it.”

Obviously there is a lot more to it, “Usually I’ll (Lia) be sat with my guitar and put together the first bones of the track playing around and see what I get out of this one section.  Then once I have something I’ll take it to the band.  Once we’ve added to and taken from the song, we will record it on a phone and take it to management as a demo.  It’s sounds a longer process than it really is.  It isn’t always like that though.  When we wrote Hormone we were just jamming together and found a riff and I started speaking over it”.

The Mysterines 2This discussion on processes brought us to inspirations.  Lia admitting that she’s obsessed with Bob Dylan lyrically, “as a band we love The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and collectively rap music too, but we all have different favourites.  Oh and The Jam too.  Doing that session with Paul Weller was boss”.  At this point, George’s face broke out into the most huge, unstoppable grin.  “We got invited to Paul Weller’s studio at Black Barn.  We all just buzzed off watching George.  We met Paul Weller at the Miles Kane show and he started talking to us, asking about inspirations.  Fortunately Lia was asked first and went on about Bob Dylan.  Then he turned to George and we thought ‘oh shit, he’s got to say YOU’, but Miles came along at that moment and went “fancy getting some fish and chips”.

“I (George) was stood there in my Levi’s and a Fred Perry top with a pair of loafers blatantly looking like I was dressed as a Paul Weller fan.  I was so relieved I didn’t have to tell him”

It didn’t take much coercing to get more out of the band about the session (available on YouTube – twice).  “Weller buzzes off us and is just such a gent.  We had curry at his too.  The place over the road from the studio did it and it was easily the best curry we’ve ever had.  It’s an unreal studio.  Steve Craddock was in there too which was unreal, just nuts.  So weird.  A boss, boss day.”

To finish off the interview I asked The Mysterines about their collective hopes for this year and beyond, expecting a succinct answer.  Instead they filled me with hope due to their ambitions.  “Oh we want everything.  We’re not in this for a little bit of fun.  We want to play the biggest shows, have loads of fans around the world, and make loads of money.  When you’re a kid and you’re picturing what being a rock star is, like all the crowds, hanging out with your favourite musicians…. That dream never changes.  That is what we want.  THAT!”

I can say from everybody at Popped Music we all want The Mysterines to get THAT too.

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25 January Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (This Feeling Big in 2020)

19 February The Bodega, Nottingham

20 February The Poetry Club, Glasgow

21 February The Deaf Institute, Manchester

22 February Arts Club, Liverpool

26 February The Dome, Tuffnell Park, London

27 February The Castle and Falcon, Birmingham

28 February The Louisiana, Bristol

29 February Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Listen to The Mysterines here
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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Great review, what’s your favorite song of theirs?


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