Words and Photos by Gary Lambert

If you have not yet joined the hype train behind Crawlers, then Friday night at This Feeling’s tent might be the ideal stop for you to get on. Mixing heavy riffs with trumpet interludes and lyrics that could be carved on your soul (tattooed on to your arm equally acceptable), the four-piece are headlining the tent and will show you exactly why people were buzzing after watching them recently at Neighbourhood Festival.

Popped Music: How are Crawlers? Crawlers: Crawlers are doing great! Now that lockdown has eased we are doing so much more than we can imagine, balancing our socials, campaign plans and recording with lots of practicing gigging and even going out and enjoying ourselves! We’re so grateful to have amazing gig and festival slots at the minute and can’t wait to FINALLY share the EP with everyone.

What are you looking forward to about playing Isle of Wight Festival? Looking forward to lots, well, we have never played outside of England before, and it’ll be our second ever festival (following our appearance at Neighbourhood)! The lineup is immense from amazing local talent around from where we are to amazing headliners…. we never expected to headline a stage so exciting!

Will you have any new tracks to play at IoW? Yes we will! We’ll be debuting our last single from our upcoming EP, we have worked so hard on it and it is something very different from us and we’re looking forward to seeing the reception it receives from the audience and to finally get to play the track live!

Are there any acts you are looking forward to catching at the festival? Yesss, we can’t wait to catch a lot of acts, local heroes Gen and the Degenerates, Stone and The Skinner Brothers as well as some of the bigger acts like You me At Six and Tom Jones, sadly we have to travel back home on the Saturday otherwise we would definitely be seeing Sam Fender again….

What makes festival season so important to Crawlers? This year being the first time we have been able to engage in festival season (we were a very new band pre-pandemic) it has meant a lot to us, we have gotten to greet a new audience as well as see a lot of fans who we haven’t been able to see due to not being able to tour this year – festivals allow acts to be able to play to audiences who may have not necessarily delved into an artist’s music before. Also it’s amazing to play on a big stage…

What are your favourite memories of festivals? There is nothing like that realisation that a big artist that you love is a real human person, I remember at my first festival (Neighbourhood Weekender of this year) seeing Sam Fender and Easy Life on stage and realising they’re actual people performing like us is an amazing feeling, and doing it around people who love the music just as much as you is so surreal!

When you are on tour who is in charge of what is played in the van? Hahah, let’s just say the AUX is very varied! We like to swap around, as poor Amy (guitar) is driving and has to stay awake for the entire journey she gets it most the time which means normally get a lot of ABBA and Fleetwood Mac with a dash of Haim and Amy Winehouse – when Liv and Harry steal the AUX Rage Against the Machine is definitely the prime band on the speakers.

Do you have any more gigs coming up? Yes! We have our first ever headline gigs in Liverpool and London as well as Sound City! We are also planning a tour for this coming spring so definitely something to keep your eyes out for!

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