Album Review: The Big Moon – Love In The 4th Dimension

Love In The 4th Dimension Released April 7th 2017 Words: Lewis Rogers After being one of Britain’s biggest buzz bands since 2014, London’s The Big Moon have finally unveiled their long awaited debut album Love In The 4th Dimension. Being a fan of their singles and EP and having seen one of their excellent live … Continue reading

Album Review: Alex Vargas – Cohere

Cohere Released 31st March 2017 Words: Leander Hobbs Alex Vargas lays himself bare today (31st March) with the release of Cohere, the new album and by far the greatest body of work by the Danish-born musician to date. Cohere is a remarkable album, difficult to categorize with its big-band production complete with jazz-styled orchestra and … Continue reading

Album Review: Frances – Things I’ve Never Said

Things I’ve Never Said Released 17th March 2017 Words: Elena Katrina Well it would be remiss of me to not cover the debut album by Frances having reviewed almost all of her singles since day dot and having seen her live progression from solo artist in all of the sense of the word, to working … Continue reading

Album Review: Amber Run – For A Moment, I Was Lost

For  A Moment, I Was Lost Released February 10th 2017 Words: Elena Katrina The impending doom some bands must feel when they begin working on their notoriously “difficult second album”. You have had a lifetime’s worth of experiences and practise to hone yourselves to the best of what you want to be for your debut … Continue reading

Album Review: Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect Released 6th January 2017 Words: Gary Lambert The sixth of January is usually the sign for the tree and decorations to come down and for you to prepare for a month of hard times as the excess of Yuletide catches up with us all. However, 2017 has got … Continue reading

Album Review: JAWS – Simplicity

Simplicity Released November 4th 2016 Words: Georgia Mae Blackman As I’ve sat and waited for this highly anticipated album I can tell you that JAWS definitely know how to make a comeback. It’s needless to say that they have improved a lot, they’ve had a lot time to find themselves in the making of Simplicity … Continue reading

Album Review: Palace – So Long Forever

So Long Forever Released 4th November 2016 Words: Elena Katrina Palace are probably best known for their more laid back rock blues than they are for their album opener Break The Silence. The track not only does exactly as the title suggests but does it passionately, at times frantically and above all beautifully. It says … Continue reading

Album Review: Feeder – All Bright Electric

All Bright Electric Released: 7th October 2016 Words: Nick Jacques When I think of Feeder, it instantly takes me back to my GCSE days when I listened to Polythene on heavy rotation on my Walkman. Tracks like Tangerine and High were an important part of my teenage years. They were one of my favourite bands … Continue reading

Album Review: The Parrots – Los Niños Sin Miedo

Los Niños Sin Miedo Released: 26th August 2016 Words: Gary Lambert There are certain record labels that not necessarily guarantee your enjoyment of their releases as they span a variety of genre, but always guarantee a level of quality. One such is Heavenly Recordings. A record label run by music lovers that provides music for … Continue reading

Album Review: Teen Canteen – Say It All With Kiss

Say It All With a Kiss Released 9th September 2016 Words: Gary Feeney Having only heard a few of TeenCanteen’s songs before being sent their debut album, I was intrigued by some of the quotes on the press release which accompanied it. From the singles I had heard, phrases like “post-punk” and “sparkling synths” seemed … Continue reading

Album Review: Jamie T – Trick

Trick Released 2nd September 2016 Words: Lewis Rogers After taking a five year hiatus from music, Wimbledon’s Jamie T made a triumphant return to the scene with his excellent 2014 album Carry On The Grudge. Thankfully Jamie hasn’t made us wait half a decade for a new album again and is back with Trick, his … Continue reading

Album Review: Baby Strange – Want It, Need It

Want It Need It Released 2nd September 2016 Words: Gary Feeney When I first wrote about Baby Strange for Popped early last year, I made the grandiose (but entirely justified) claim that their live shows were probably the closest thing you’ll see these days to the likes of the Libertines and the Strokes in their … Continue reading

Album Review: Black Foxxes – I’m Not Well

I’m Not Well Released 19th August 2016 Words: Gary Lambert Welcome to The School of Black Foxxes. First year is a study in American rock 1991-2010 in the form of debut album I’m Not Well. Whilst this three piece are from Exeter in the sleepy south-west of England, their musical sound is very much from … Continue reading

Album Review: All Tvvins – IIVV

IIVV Released on 19th August 2016 Words: Gary Lambert With the exception of The Strypes, my record collection has been somewhat devoid of music from Ireland over the last few years. Whilst you associate Irish music with the traditional guitar sound, this album gets as far from that as possible. From the opening xylophonic summery … Continue reading

Album Review: Natalie McCool – The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown Released 9th September 2016 Words: Elena Katrina I was already in love with Natalie’s vocal and her songwriting style long before I got to meet her.  Watching the way she has developed as an artist over the past two years has been an eye opener. Having spent some time with her too … Continue reading

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