Album Review: Red Rum Club – The Hollow Of Humdrum

Red Rum Club
The Hollow Of Humdrum

Released: 02.10.2020

Words: Elena Katrina 

Red Rum Club then, a band I (and many of team popped) have had the pleasure to witness blossom over years and years of hard graft, of both their live set and honing their musical craft. This album, The Hollow of Humdrum, is the followup to early 2019 debut release, Matdor. Two albums in less than two years is an absolute treat for my ears and I hope you’ll be agreeing with me soon too.

So far we have had the introduction to the album via a handful of singles; Kids Addicted (already a firm live favourite with their fans off the back of their debuting it at live shows last Winter) followed this year more recently with Eleanor (no – that’s not how you say my name!) and more recently the Billy Elliot-inspired, Ballerino. There is about to be a fourth track coming your way too, with September release, the disco-funk-driven  (and album opener) The Elevation (You’ll want to get this nice and loud in preparation for those sexy bassline slaps).

Brando – a slow and sensual tango that feels rooted in a bygone era with mentions to classic Hollywood actors such as Marlon Brandon. There’s a magic here and while I’m all for a massive dance and jump around there’s so much to be said for something to breathe and feel and move a little slower to. Come on, honestly, grab your partner, your bestie, your pet and slow dance to your heart’s content.

If you love the Red Rum Club flavour of debut offering Matador then you’re going to love The Hollow of Humdrum. That almost made to measure Tarantino sound echoes throughout but there is still a somewhat more mature sound and lyrical content. In fact, there are parts of the album that are reminiscent, at least in my mind, to some of my favourite work by Arctic Monkeys. There is nothing specific, nothing borrowed, just a vibe at times. It could even be down to production – which is smooth as anything here, but I know their live sets (at least, pre-lock down) were tight AF and so I have no worries in their abilities to bring all of this to life in front of our very own eyes and indeed, ears.

Vivo offers something a little different, it’s one of their fastest pace tracks but the electronic touches at the start are in stark contrast with the trumpet and really catches my attention each time I go through the album. There’s social commentary here that I really enjoy and I’m determined to be able to sing along to this flawlessly by the time I go to see them in October (they better had play it!) for their short string of shows in Liverpool and Leeds for the album release. It’s a challenge I will revel in – honestly – the lyrics are punchy and fast!

If you’re a fan of Joe the Blow and his mighty trumpet, then you’re going to be delighted by his contributions to The Hollow of Humdrum – there are plenty of times to get your air trumpet out and let’s be honest Red Rum Club would just not be Red Rum Club without him. This is really a band when the sounds of each member really contribute, more so than some other bands where personalities can be found to be lacking – here you have six people of equally strong personality, and yet somehow never seem to clash musically nor on stage. I bet their thinking… oh if only you knew….

It isn’t just the trumpet though, I have to give kudos to guitars; the opening of Favourite Record is just beautiful and of course, it’s the guitar sound that in many ways is the sprinkling of punchy paprika to this band’s recognisable musical traits. If it’s flavour you want then Red Rum Club deliver it with gusto on The Hollow of Humdrum and there’s plenty of it  – and it’s clearly not just the two instruments I’ve highlighted so far -throw in Francis Doran’s clear scouse accent on his bright and fresh tones and the thunderous drums but even our Gary has described this as a “baby-making album” due to “the fucking basslines”  – good job I’ve already done my baby-making then! I can add that baby Popped is thoroughly enjoying every play and reacts enthusiastically from within. You can’t really ask for higher praise than form the unborn music fan (though of course, I am highly biased on this point).

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