Playlist Winner Q&A: Bokito

Bokito Playlist 009 Winner For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves: Moses Moorehouse(MM): I’m Moses Moorhouse and I’m the singer in BOKITO Sam Cahlin(SC): I’m Sam and I play Keys. I’m the newest member of the band, joining the guys for a gig around October time then joined … Continue reading

Playlist Winner Q&A: Tiggi Hawke

Tiggi Hawke Playlist 008 Winner For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourself: Aloha! I’m Tiggi Hawke, I’m from London and based at Tileyard Studios. I trained classically and made the transition to electro-pop when I was about 15 when I started writing music for myself and other artists. … Continue reading

Playlist Winner Q&A: Kassassin Street

Kassassin Street Playlist 007 Winner   For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves:   Hello we’re Row, Andy, Tom, Nath and Ry. We’re a psyche Indie band from Portsmouth.   How did you all meet and what is it you saw in each other to decide to start … Continue reading

Playlist Winner Q&A: MarthaGunn

MarthaGunn Playlist 005 Winner For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves:  Hey, we are Abi, Max, Al, Frankie & Humphrey. We’re in a band called MarthaGunn, named after a famous heroine in Brighton. MarthaGunn was famous for dipping people in the sea as a spiritual healing ritual. How … Continue reading

Playlist Winner Q&A: Cinema

Cinema Playlist 004 Winner For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves: We are Cinema, an alternative electronic pop band from Birmingham. We have been labelled as anything from tropical pop to electro soul. We are forever writing songs and love throwing in new percussion and world instruments. How … Continue reading

Playlist Winner Q&A: Twin Pines

Twin Pines Playlist 003 Winner For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves: Hello Popped Music! We are Twin Pines from Glasgow! We play music that we like, which obviously would involve synthesisers, good beats and cool guitar sounds. There’s three of us (No, there’s no twins). Barry on … Continue reading

Playlist Winner Q&A: Pure Youth

Pure Youth Playlist 002 Winner For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves:  Hey! We’re Dave, Elliott and Duncan and we make Pure Youth. We’re a west London based band and have been together since late 2014. We make sweet honey tunes for your ears baby. How did you … Continue reading

Playlist Winner Q&A: Saltwater Sun

Saltwater Sun Playlist 001 Winner   Popped recently started a monthly playlist where by you, the music fan, gets to pick your fave of a 10 track playlist we compile. The first ever winner of this was the delectable Saltwater Sun. They won with their track Now Or Never and now as a treat, all … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fronteers – Idol

Fronteers From the very start of Fronteers’ current single Idol a huge wave of familiarity washed over me. No, I hadn’t heard this song before, but it’s flavour is undeniably mid 90s indie-rock. Dare I even use the Britpop word – that word  which somehow has become a dirty word amongst some. Melody drips from … Continue reading

Just Listen: Ovvls – Pain Is Beauty

Ovvls The debut single, Pain Is Beauty,  from new duo Ovvls is quite frankly a masterpiece of Gothic proportions. It creates such imagery in my mind – tall skeletal figures creeping jauntily around in the shadows before finally making a run for it across a moonlit hill before meeting their untimely demise. It’s a track … Continue reading

Just Listen: Haarm – Foxglove

Haarm Formed almost entirely in secret it would seem, Haarm is Liverpool’s newest three piece electro-pop outfit. Their debut track, Foxlove, gives hints at an exciting project which features vocals from Popped’s favourite Electro-Pop queen Jennifer Davies. Foxlove provides layers of shimmering electronica with a solid driving beat and hushed male/female vocals. It’s overriding effect … Continue reading

Just Listen: Colour – Strangers

Colour Listen to Strangers here: Watch the video for Strangers here: With a determined beat and shimmery notes comes Colour with their new track Strangers. This is a band who are know just how to pen an indie delight and I’ve seen them perform this live with real gusto too. They really have a knack … Continue reading

Just Listen: Young Tide – NSFW

Young Tide Listen to NSFW here: On first listen of this, NSFW, the debut single from Young Tide, I was instantly reminded of Everything Everything, only with a harder punkier edge to the vocals. There’s that off kilter feel to the sounds, and similar phrasing to the vocals. It’s not at all a bad thing, … Continue reading

Introducing: White – Future Pleasures

White Having only formed in 2014 and having only played their first live shows back in February this year, Glasgow’s White are doing pretty damn well for themselves already. They’ve had several gigs since some of which have includes shows for The Great Escape Festival and Dot to Dot Festival. Leo Condie (Vocals), Hamish Fingland … Continue reading

Introducing: Lying B*st*rds – Head To Tokyo

Lying B*st*rds They are probably one of Liverpool’s newest and most exciting bands and Lying B*st*ards deliver all of the required ingredients for bringing some magical lofi to the party.  They also mange to just take it just off kilter, adding some seriously funky bass. There’s not much to be found on these guys if … Continue reading

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