Popped Round-up March 2019

Popped Round-up

March 2019
Words: Daniel Burton and Gary Lambert

!Editor’s Pick!

Latenight Honeymoon – Lost on You

It seems that the guys at Latenight Honeymoon have been working down the quarry of summer and have been able to hack out a piece of sunshine that is reminiscent of the early releases from Fickle Friends in the laidback mix of jangled guitars and soothing beats. It is the kind of track which pushes straight to the skin as you feel the song radiate through you. The simple echoey synth glockenspiel riff that underpins the track is almost like an ASMR video on YouTube, except instead of making you fall asleep it makes the listener giggle and think of how exciting it will be to hear this being played at a festival with a cold beer in hand and hot rays on the back of your neck. In contrast to the summer motif musically, the vocal accompanying it radiates emotion and feeling. As Ted Joyce sings that he knew that he had to let you go, you know there is not a single drop of the carefree happiness we associate with the warmest months hidden away. Hopefully seeing the reaction to this song will bring a smile.


Casey Lowry – Roam

With a simple guitar sound in the first few moments it feels like it’ll be a very quiet chilled track, but as you listen further and reach the chorus this is certainly not the case. At first it appears to be a deliberately restricted, simple sound but upon further listening it became apparent the vast number of layers there are in this track. Whether it be an added guitar riff, electronic drum beat, bass line, a simple click or a bit of synth, there is just so much that you keep discovering. Since Raffer has started working with Casey, it is very clear the effect he has had. This track has so many layers it is pointless to even try to comprehend, but to the naked ear everything blends into one and works perfectly rather than feeling overblown. Once again it is all the finer details make the track. Whilst he has had an influence, this is still very much a typical Casey Lowry track with a smooth yet enriching voice to compliment the complexity of the music.


The Pale White – Medicine

These indie rockers from Newcastle have me filled with joy whenever I hear their music. With a heart pumping opening bass line, you know you’re in for the ride of your life. Adding Adam Hope’s rich and commanding voice to the equation, it just encourages and begs you to singalong with it. Adam and his brother, Jack, work in unison to create a monster of a track with crunching guitar work and thundering drums, whilst Bassist Tom, slides right into the middle of that and allows The Pale White to become complete. Bringing a simple combination of guitar, bass and drums, they produce songs that are both musically & lyrically powerful and demand to be listened to and adored. Medicine boasts a huge chorus, and as the distortion of the guitar kicks in, it has the power to get you up for anything. With a fast-paced drum beat, it is the perfect track for your high intensity workout, along with pretty much any other Pale White track for that matter. Full of HIIT-suitable rhythms and energising riffs you can supplement with your workout with this holistic Medicine for maximum effect.


Safe To Swim – Make Things Like They Used To Be

Safe To Swim have definitely made the most of the early days of their career (this is only the fifth release from the band) having already supported the likes of DMA’s, The Night Café & Anteros and racking up almost 150,00 streams of the debut release, Struggling. As soon as you catch it, or rather it catches you, the chorus has the makings of a huge singalong tune. “Make it out, make things like they used to be” has the hallmarks of being ready to be bellowed with arms in the air or around your mate’s shoulders. With the introduction of some soaring synth the band have been able to create a much bigger, expansive sound in Make Things Like They Used To Be compared to the more traditional indie sound of their earlier releases. They have added so many more elements to their music to develop the sound and it leads itself to an entirely new outlook on the band. Starting the track with only a soft drum beat and guitar, it ascends into a much more ambitious tone which then remains for the rest of the track.


Azura Kings – Logic

Azura Kings are an entirely new discovery for me, but I have now had the pleasure of listening to a backlog of 2 years’ worth of music form this Liverpool-based quartet. From the start, they strike a clear and distinct comparison to the early releases of Foals. From the off this track feels like the band are taking you deep into the 1980’s. Logic is full of rapid fire lyrics, the style of which is clearly influenced by their shared love of UK rap and grime artists. Logic follows the release of their most popular track to date, Dirty Dancefloors (Second Chances), which leans much more on the light indie/rock side of their sound. Still in the early stages of the band’s life, they have managed to create such a definite Azura Kings sound, and with a bit more growth and a budget that allows bigger production techniques, the opportunities for this foursome are endless.


Jerry Williams – Grab Life

I’ve been wanting to get Jerry Williams into a Popped Music round up for a while now, but the timing has been off previously. Releasing music since 2014, but making a breakthrough with the single Mother in 2016, Jerry Williams has really been creating a stir recently. Originally released in 2017 but recently re-released in her latest EP, Gameshow, Grab Life gives a powerful life mantra behind the soft yet encapsulating voice. In true Jerry fashion, she manages to put across a rather hard-hitting message whilst masking it with a positive and grasping light indie rock sound that makes the foot tap uncontrollably to the beat and the voice singalong to the simple yet effectively catchy chorus. Whenever I hear Jerry Williams, I never have any doubt that this girl will be a huge success. Let her music in to your soul, in her own words, “Grab life in between the teeth because soon enough man you’ll be dead”. Take the chances, live your best life no matter what it throws at you.


The Estevans – Gotta Know You

The Estevans have returned with a classic upbeat feel good classic indie tune. It is the type of traditional indie track which people can find easy to unnecessarily criticise, but for me this allows The Estevans to get on with entertaining their fans. It has an addictively incessant beat and juggernaut sound so from the first note gets you going. With them unsurprisingly tipping their hat to The Beatles as the primary influence for the foundation of their music, this track sees a clear step forward with a less-retrospective take on the music of those legendary scousers. For me, I also associate the sound with a heavy hint of Alex Turner in terms of the vocal. Gotta Know You is slightly slower than, and not as scuzzy as, their Up The Bracket inspired debut single 2 Minutes From The Lincoln but I think this step down in the beat allows them to make a much fuller overall sound which in turn creates a more passionate feeling track. It’s quite exciting to see a band mature so quickly. When is their next release out???


The Covasettes – Like You

Since I first heard this track, I just couldn’t get it out my mind. I’ve been humming or singing it constantly whether in the shower, walking down the street, cooking tea for our flat, once in the middle of a lecture. It has been the soundtrack to my life the past few weeks – although I think my flatmates hate my version of it… Starting with just a few strums of the guitar and the simple lyric “I’d rather chasing you”, it quickly transitions into a track which is full of pulsating bass lines, popping riffs and an absolutely on the button beat. All of this musicality is assisted by an infectiously good voice from frontman Chris who brings life to lyrics that will catch the heart of any young indie lover out there. After the main body of the song, Chris returns to the simple sound with just an acoustic guitar like a stadium gig encore. This isn’t something you see a lot of in songs, but it just puts the cherry on the top of another great song from this particular Manchester band. Everything feels like it comes easy for The Cosavettes, so easy in fact I think they’ll soon be a staple on everybody’s indie music playlists.


MOSES – I Think You Worry Too Much

With over 20,000 streams in just a few days, you’d be mad to think that MOSES aren’t onto something with this track. I Think You Worry Too Much is a definite sign of the renaissance experienced by The Kooks as it could easily have come from Inside In / Inside Out, but these guys were probably not into double figures age-wise when that was originally released. I think it is the sort of song which can be quickly lamented by people due to the crimes of being catchy and pleasurable, but for me this is a song designed for instant enjoyment rather than to show off the artistic sensibilities of the musicians. You’re going to smile, shimmy your shoulders and tap your toes to this release, and I’d recommend that you don’t worry too much about it.


Easy Life – Sunday

Coming from the recent Spaceships Mixtape EP, Sunday is a lo-fi version of the likes of Don’t Mug Yourself by The Streets and Jamie T’s early work. It tells the tale of a chilled out, very modern romance where the lady at the heart of the lyrics makes every day feel like a Sunday. This is a very different view of Sundays compared to Morrissey’s Every Day Is Like A Sunday. For the narrator, his lover makes life feel easy and relaxed. It is the kind of tale that we can all associate with and reminisce about. It’s a celebration of when you reach a level of comfort with each other that dates can be fuelled by Just Eat rather than searching for the right restaurant. I love how the stoned beats reflect the tempo and intensity of their relationship, it makes you feel like you are in that relationship even if the closest you get is swiping right whilst watching Netflix on your own.

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