Playlist Winner Q&A: Pure Youth

Fick As Fieves

Playlist 012 Winner
For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves: 
Harry and I (Archie) had played in a band together back when we were 12/13 years old, after that we both took different paths; Harry attended Colchester institute to study music, where he met Richard. When Harry and I started jamming together again sometime in early 2016, he introduced me to Richard and the rest is history as they say. When it comes to what we see in each other, I think we all see talented musicians and great friendships in each other. Having a lot of similar interests and tastes in music makes it very easy to create music together we’ve found.
What do you see as being your biggest challenges ahead as a band? 
I think our biggest challenges we face as a band could be securing the festivals and shows we’re desperate to play next year or possibly organising a UK/European tour. Creating music, recording or getting people to listen to us doesn’t really seem to be an issue right now; the challenges we struggle with seem to be confirming the gigs we really want.
What have been your highlights as a band so far?
Our band highlights so far have got to include the first listen of the final cut of insomnia, I remember pulling the biggest screw-face when that track dropped. Another highlight would be a mini tour we did on the last weekend of may this year, we played bearded theory festival in Derbyshire on the Friday, same evening as Slaves headlined; then the next day we played an amazing festival in Hertford called Hogsozzle, then finally coming relatively close to home to finish off the weekend playing our favourite Colchester gig – V-bar on the Sunday evening! But I think our biggest highlight of this year has to be getting featured on Spotify’s indie list playlist alongside Liam Gallagher and Kasabian!
Are there any new bands you love who you think everyone else should be checking out now too? – Please let us know who! 
Oh you guys have definitely got to checkout our band friends – Retro Video Club, imagine the combination of uplifting chords from Two Door Cinema Club, the atmospheric relatable love tails from Catfish and the Bottlemen, but the Scottish godlike voice of Biffy Clyro… you’ve got RVC! They’ve just released their latest single “Psycho” I highly recommend you check them out. Another band friend of ours are a trio from Bury St Edmunds down the road from us, go by the name of Gaffa Tape Sandy, these guys are killing it at the moment having played the introducing stage at Glastonbury this year and offer a beautiful array of grungy melodies, crazy offbeat drums and a perfect singalong hook that you can’t remove from your head for weeks (their soon to be released single ‘Beehive’)
What do you do to ease the boredom of long journeys for gigs?
Well, as I drive and love driving too I find the road occupying enough for me. HOWEVER, Harry’s favourite pastimes in a car on a long journey include: drinking two cans of beer in half an hour then complaining he needs a wee or fees sick, his favourite time to do this is usually in a traffic jam or in central London. Richard on the other hand is the perfect passenger, usually extremely tired from the previous evenings antics Richard can sleep perfectly upright and maintain balance for hours on end, he puts it down to his uni days falling asleep on the night bus.
What are your pre-show rituals?
Our pre show rituals are actually getting quite involved now, a year ago they involved chain smoking and trying desperately hard to remember lyrics. But these days we actually do vocal warmups, Richard does some special Travis Barker drumstick aerobics and take in lots of water before we go on and during.
Where can we find you next for gigs? 
Our next gig is 2nd Dec at The Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds, we’re really excited about this one we’ve heard many cool things about the hunter club and played their recently too.  We’ll have you plenty more gigs added to our website and all of our socials very soon, so stay tuned.
Please give us three songs to add to our heartbreak playlist
Three songs to add to your hope playlist have to be from the bands I previously mentioned, reason being is that I’m really hopeful these guys get the success they’re talent deserves.  >Retro Video Club – Psycho, Gaffa Tape Sandy – Water Bottle and RedFaces – Take It Or Leave It.

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