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Liverpool Sound City is almost upon us, and it is going to be one of the most exciting weekends of the year. With the focus of Sound City being on the next wave of great bands coming through (mind you we love the headliners here too), it is the step into the unknown which gets people coming back again and again as people look to find bands they’ve not seen before. VICTORS are a band that I’ve not yet caught, but I’m excited to check out. If you’re interested in seeing the band too, well I suggest you get to Jimmy’s on Bold Street at 2.50pm on Saturday.

Popped Music: How are VICTORS doing? VICTORS: We’re good! We’re finally back to releasing new music and playing live after so long so it feels amazing. It definitely took a lot of rehearsing though hahah you get rusty very quickly!

What are you looking forward to about playing Sound City? We’ve heard such good things about it and we love Liverpool. We actually just recorded our new Extended EP at Parr Street Studios (Shoutout to Alex Quinn and Katy Alex – who plays at Kazimier Stockroom 3 October at 2.30pm) but we didn’t have time to look around properly. So it’ll be awesome to have recorded and play the new material in the city where our next big catalogue of music came together.

Will you have new music to play at Sound City? Absolutely. Not at all of them though (sorry!) but you’ll definitely hear a track or two from the EP that nobody has heard before. Exciting!

Are there any acts that you’re looking forward to catching at Sound City? I’ve heard of a few acts that are on the bill like The Luka State, The Lathums which I’m interested to check out! But to be fair, I haven’t heard of most of the artists on this bill and that’s the best thing about these kind of festivals, you discover new acts to get excited about, follow, and even end up playing with in the future.

What makes festival season so important to VICTORS? Like I said in the last question, it’s that giddy feeling you get when you find an act or even just a song that you unexpectedly connect with! The new song or album you find that you stick on loop in the car. That’s when you connect most with an artist in my opinion, when you weren’t looking for it but something about it takes you. And of course, you can’t beat live music, it’s incredible for the crowd, it’s incredible for the artists. Speaking as an artist, it’s a super important part of the craft that’s connected to your mental health. Whenever things have been tough or we feel like nothing has been happening in a while, the moment you step onto a stage and perform your material to genuinely interested people or existing fans, it gives you such a boost and you come offstage thinking ’that’s exactly why we do this!’

What are your favourite memories of festivals? As a band, my favourite memory was our first gig with our drummer Leon. 20,000 people at a Christmas festival in Leeds. The biggest crowd we had ever played to. Leon was absolutely terrified but was obviously trying to hide it hahaha he nailed it though.As a fan, I have only been to handful of festivals growing up but my favourite thing is seeing all my favourite acts that mean so much to me in a single day. It’s crazy, and you truly appreciate the talent and the power of music (sorry that got cheesey) But also, there’s getting gaffe taped to a camping chair for 2 hours… that’s also a special moment in life.

When you’re on tour who is in charge of what gets played in the van? All of us and none of us. We pretty much disagree on just about everything. I say the sky is blue, someone else says it’s green (in my defence I am colourblind) We all know that we have to play classics that sparked our fanbase in the beginning i.e. Tonight, Feel. But we make sure we always have variation in the set. For us, it’s not all about going crazy and jumping the whole time. Sometimes we want you to stand there and just listen. We all agree on that, but when it comes to organising the actual set list we get lawyers involved. I just re-read this question and realised you were asking what music gets played inside the bus… hahah well we all like the same the music so there’s no arguments there thankfully! Sometimes we’ll stick on a Joe Rogan or a Harry Potter audio book lol

Are you playing any other gigs this year? Maaaaaaybe… yes. Yes we are. After Sound City we’re playing Wild Paths Festival – Oct 16th in Norwich. And then after that, the EP will be released followed by a mini headline tour in December!Dec 1st – Colours, Hoxton, LondonDec 5th – 1999, ParisDec 8th – Oporto, Leeds (our hometown). We’ve been able to play some great festivals this Summer such as 110 Above, FYA and Gone Wild. It’s all been and gone so quickly! The highlight was definitely playing during a glorious sunset, I mean like Lion King sunset (I know that was technically a sunrise so shut up). Also meeting Bear Grylls, all of sudden I just to looked to my right as we were backstage and he’s stood there next to me. As you do. And then we were chilling backstage with the likes of Mel C and the Kaiser Chiefs. We were like ‘I think I could get used to this.’ 

VICTORS will be taking to the Sound City stage at Jimmy’s on Saturday 2 October at 2.50pm.

There might be a couple of tickets left for Sound City here, but you’re really going to have to be quick.

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