Album Review: Immigrant Union – Anyway


Immigrant+Union.Anyway.2014.LP+Final+Hi+ResReleased 16th September 2014

Words by Nick Jacques

One of the first things that strikes you about this album is how this band of Brent De Boer’s seems to have a very strong sound and they’re not just here to make up the numbers of endless folk/pop bands in the never-ending indie stratosphere.

This album has got the blessing of Brent De Boer (Dandy Warhols member/producer) and it’s clear to see the relations with the Dandy Warhols. Especially on the Album title track Anyway and In time,  these are quite reminiscent of the 3rd Dandy Warhols album 13 Tales of Urban Bohemia.

The general feel to this album plays like a memorable jam session between the Dandy Warhols and the Byrds. Although some of the rich harmonies might not be there, you get the picture. The first track, Shameless, has a catchy Byds-esque riff which weaves in and out with some sweet lead guitar pluckings and piano interplay – making for an interesting introduction to the album.

Despite the clear links with these bands Anyway makes for an enticing listen and tries to break free of these associations and make a name for itself. You can tell that De Boer is wanting to be taken seriously as a creator/musician despite his relations with other bands.

The front-runner single, Alison, starts off as a pleasant and harmless listen, which on ends here seems to be a by-the-numbers track compared to other following enthralling acoustic mantra of “anyway” – this seeps into your consciousness in a gorgeous way that will stay with the listener afterwards.

There is nothing particularly enthralling, however, about the vocals of Singer Brent De Boers to be found here – but he can be forgiven as the music truly shines through. I am not sure where the comparisons to Bob Dylan have come from as Bob was not really one for shoegazing- countrified acoustics.

A highlight on Anyway is the last track, The End has come, featuring the current singer/ songwriter starlet Courtney Barnett – A nice touch from De Boer as her vocals give a bit more gravity and feeling to the proceedings and sign the album off in a smooth and memorable manner.

Another little gem is I can’t return, which shows both emotional depth in its song writing and impressive vocals from the band as a whole. It’s reminiscent of Out of Time-era R.E.M. and fades out with a gallop of backing vocals and blissed out guitars which plays out into the

I think his record will no doubt be on your player for some time to come.


Watch the video for Alison here:

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