Interview: Cut Ribbons

Cut Ribbons

cut ribbons Welsh band Cut Ribbons are about to unleash their EP Sail on 20th October. Having spent a good amount of time both in the studio and out on the road this year the band are racking up fans like no one’s business. Popped has caught up with them ahead of their release for a little Q&A.

PM: You’ve been working hard for a while now, what have been your career highlights to date?

CR: Getting to go to places like Germany and Bulgaria are definitely a highlight and going out to record out in Belfast was amazing. There have been a lot of times where we have felt pretty humbled by the occasion. Playing festivals are always great.
You won an award this year from Help Musicians UK – that must have been pretty exciting, how has it helped you so far?
It’s been amazing, the support that we have had from them financially has meant that we can get on the road more. Touring is an aspect that we all really enjoy and we continuing to have support from them even now.

PM: You’ve played so many festivals this year – are there any that you’d love to play next year that you didn’t in 2014?

CR: Where to start? We would love to play Reading and Leeds again, Glasto obviously and we would like to hit a few of the European festivals too.

PM: What is the secret to keeping Cut Ribbons a happy band when on tour?

CR: Red wine and whisky? I think it’s just to try and do things for the other people in the band. If everyone takes that approach then everyone gets looked after. We are a pretty happy band anyway. When we are back home we are always together either in our studio or at practice so spending extended periods of time with each other doesn’t seem too alien to us.

PM: Who are your favourite up and coming acts right now and how did you find them?

CR: Ásgeir Trausti is getting pretty big now. I love Icelandic music and he is brilliant. I really can’t remember how I found him maybe it was a related link to Sigur Ros or something. I’ll be going out to Iceland Airwaves next month so I am going to catch him there.

PM: What advice would you give to bands just starting up?

CR: Just to kind of do your own thing, keep your head down get on with it because at the end of the day, it’s primarily about the music and all the other stuff if there so you can try and make a living from it.

PM: What’s most played on your mp3 players right now?

CR: I’m overplaying The War on Drugs right now and I’m listening to the new Perfume genius stuff. It’s actually on as I write this. The National is never far from the top spot of most played.

PM: What’s next for Cut Ribbons after the release of Walking on Wires?

CR: We have our e.p. coming out October 20th so we are looking forward to that and we are just finishing recording the new singles for the album so will be nice to get on the road again.

Watch the video for Walking On Wires here:

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