Festival Preview: Liverpool Sound City 2015 Part 1

Liverpool Sound City 2015

sound city 15 bannersound city line up 15This year’s Liverpool Sound City is going to be entirely different to anything that has taken past in their 7 year history this time it’s a little less City, a little more Docks. As they began to out grow their city centre shackles a move was imminent and the Sound City team have decided to re-locate to an exciting new location at Bramley Moore Dock. Sound City CEO Dave Pichilingi explains the move: “Our goal year on year is to evolve, grow, challenge, inspire, surprise and delight.” With the change comes a fresh start for the festival, allowing it to make creative changes and work with a variety of promoters and media partners for their new stages, from local promoters such as Evol to national media partners such as XFM and for the first time ever to incorporate spectacles – to include a record fair, Brazilica Carnival and the Screenadelica art installation. In this preview we’ll give you a few of our top picks from each day at the festival with another preview and more music coming closer to the festival.


Tickets for  Liverpool Sound City are on sale now £65 for a full weekend or £35 for a day ticket here.

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Hot Vestry – The North Stage

Come and smack me around the face with a hefty 1980s beat please. That’s what you’ll be asking for after you see Hot Vestry live. Signed to O’Genesis Recordings you can clearly hear they wear their influences on their, occasionally baggy, musical sleeves. Find Hot Vestry on Facebook.

Neon Waltz – The Atlantic Stage

If you like your music dripping with psychedelic swirls of glory then Neon Waltz are for you. This young band keep their psychedelia in check with a smattering of grunge and pop, making it that little bit easier for more people to digest their exceptionally catchy retro sounds. Find Neon Waltz on Facebook.


Aquilo – Cargo Stage

Aquilo bring together exceptionally powerful and emotionally charged lyrics and vocals with a slick and very atmospheric electronica. The duo have produced some of our favourite tracks of the past year, including, Human, below. Find Aquilo on Facebook.

Black Honey – The Kraken Stage

Black Honey simply smother their music in a swagger so damn cool you can’t help but turn your upper lip into a bit of a snarl and rock out with them. It’s not even been a year since they posted their demos up on soundcloud with very little information as to who they are and now they’re making serious waves. Find Black Honey on Facebook.

Flo Morrissey – Cargo Stage

With delicate yet strong and emotion tinged vocals, comes Flo Morrissey. Her vocal has an element of “other era” about it and it is the focus of all of her tracks, putting her folk-laden lyrics straight into your conciousness where it begins to weave a magical web. Find Flo Morrisey on Facebook.


Jennifer Davies – XFM Cargo Stage

Energy is never in short supply in Jennifer Davies’ songs. Each track on her debut EP, Lapse Of Time, explores different themes but all are held together with a common art pop sound that has its roots in electronic dance music. It’s an intelligently put together concept which goes only a short way to demonstrating her song-writing ability as well as her strong vocal. Find Jennifer Davies on Facebook.

Sundara Karma – The Baltic Stage

Sundara Karma appear to have shot up out of nowhere and are dragging everyone on their wet and wild journey. Their heady rock sound is purpose built for big stages and loud loud speakers. Their tracks are composed for sing-alongs and they’re bound to be experiencing both any time now. Find Sundara Karma on Facebook

Natalie McCool – The North Stage

This young lady has become a firm favourite  of ours over the past year since we saw her perform at a Communion Music night upon our return to Liverpool. Natalie McCool has a dynamic vocal that both whispers and hits crystal clear highs. Her music is atmospheric and plays with space as well as a mix of traditional band and electronica. What’s not to like? Find Natalie McCool on Facebook.


Tim Peaks Diner

sound city tim peaksHaving experienced the absolute brilliance that is Tim Peaks Diner at other festivals over the last few years we are delighted that Tim Burgess has been asked to bring his organic coffee and mini music mecca to Liverpool Sound City in 2015. It’s not just coffee and cake up on offer to feed your body, but live music and DJs will help to feed your soul as you take in live bands hand picked by The Charlatans’ front man. On Saturday 23rd straight after the Flaming Lips finish on The Atlantic Stage you can find Tim Peaks playing host to a selection of the finest feel good DJs in Soul, Funk and sweet sweet rhythms. They will be keep you movin’ and a groovin from 11.30pm until the small hours. Tim Peaks Diner To give you a taste of what to expect and to get you in the party mood well in advance, Funk Off promoter and DJ Lukey Beezwax has made us an exclusive mix which you can listen to below. Funk Off takes place at Heebie Jeebies, Liverpool, on the last Monday of the month with guest DJs and live music. Check out the next event, which this month features live sets from Mersey Wiley, The Dirty Bomb and Blunted Edge, here.

Listen to the FUNK OFF Sound City Mix exclusive to Popped Music here:
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