Live Review: FEMME – London


FEMMELexington in London 29th​ April 2015

Words: Lauren Grigor

Before seeing FEMME live I wondered how her style and sound would translate on stage. Her take on electro girl pop had elements of disco, hip hop and house music, all relying on spectacular production. Her singing on her records is on point but it’s always tricky to predict how much of that comes across live. I needn’t had worried. FEMME writes and produces her own music and because of this she is a perfectionist with her performances.

​The packed out venue was a good mix of guys and girls, of all sorts of ages. It was pleasantly surprising to see that FEMME has not limited herself to one demographic. When you see her perform you know why. She has the stage presence reminiscent of early Peaches, Gaga​​ and ​even M.I.A,​ that is a combination of confidence and sass, married with true musical ability and integrity – because the songs are all her own that she’s proudly sharing with the world.

While on stage, FEMME begins the show almost demure, in front of the microphone stand singing directly to the crowd, it doesn’t take long for it to come on and off the stand and for her back up singers to become back-up dancers. Every song enables the show to become livelier and louder, following an arc of ascent in terms of its cabaret performance style. We are treated to mime and acting in amongst every perfectly choreographed song. The dancing is never over-done or contrived and fits seamlessly with every song. Where some female solo artists may have a bit of clapping, tapping and gestures, FEMME stomps, shimmies, thrusts and even insinuates masturbating at some point – but she is not over-sexed.

I’m completely amazed at how strong FEMME’s vocals remain, including the falsetto notes. She delivers us with some of her best hits including Education which was overflowing with power bass and power hips, A cover of R.E.S.P.E.C.T, FEMME anthem Fever Boy, The song that everybody remixed: High, and of course the song that is about to propel this girl to where she needs to go; S.O.S. which she finished with – before the encore of course, complete with cheerleader pom-poms and chest pounding bass. FEMME never competes with the music, there was some vocal layering but her natural voice comes out on top every time.

Seeing FEMME made me forget about all other female artists. She is original yet completely approachable, sweet yet sassy, sexy yet still so classy. The show was nothing short of spectacular, and with her signature pink hair and hoop earrings she showed everyone that she’s 100% ready to take her next step up in the industry.

I can’t wait to see her again, hopefully I’ll catch her at Liverpool Sound City where she’s performing on The Cargo Stage and The Cavern Stage, both on Saturday 23rd May.

S.O.S the single was released on May 4th through ZTT


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