Live Review: MisterWives – London


misterwivesThe o2 Islington Academy, 21st May 2015

Words: Nick Jacques

MisterWives are a 4 piece hailing from New York City who have managed to gain so much positive attention in the past year at an alarming rate. Their tour schedule is crammed full of dates and there looks like there is little room for letting up. This fact is reflected in the make-up of the band’s music itself – a young group with a fun, bouncy and boundless energy that doesn’t seem to know when to stop!

Tonight the setting for MisterWives’ only London gig was the o2 academy in Islington. The vibe and size of the venue really suited this band, who clearly have their eyes set on bigger and better things to come and they are determined to have fun accomplishing that challenge. One thing which is clear from the outset of this band is that they want to share their youthful energy with everyone they play to – opener Our Own House kicked the proceedings off in style – a fun no-nonsense get up and go attitude is thrusted itself into the air and it was warmly received by the anticipated crowd Misterwives are fronted by the lively yet palpable Mandy Lee who has a youthful, relentless confidence about her and carries it well – her distinctive vocal chords are bold and expressive for a relatively small individual. Their sound borrows heavily from the 80s pop era but it’s injected with a syringe full of optimism which makes you stand up and from here you have a good idea what Misterwives are all about.

This band’s motive is to entertain and they didn’t let up at any stage throughout their set. Their rhythm section was water-tight and their bassist in particular was so enthusiastic with the live performance and looked like he was putting his life and soul into it. A highlight of their set, which much of was dedicated understandably to their Debut album Our Own House, was actually what appeared to be an impromptu coordinated handclap played out between members of the band. This helped to build enjoyment and also an appreciation of the band’s ethic to have fun and share it with everyone in the venue.

The youthful buzz of MisterWives antics were turned down a few notches and made way for a rousing rendition of Vagabond – an uplifting coming-of-age song which got the crowd singing along as Mandy Lee continued to urge the crowd to join in and spread the good vibes.

Things then picked up with the irrepressible Best I Can Do. It punched every air-pocket in the venue and the crowd struggled to keep up with the band’s tempo and then next they refused to die down and kept the atmosphere upbeat and cheery with the catchy number Not Your Way. Misterwives aren’t doing anything different – they sound like other pop contemporaries such Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, their songs are built familiar themes; love, sadness and finding one’s self but it’s their willingness and enthusiasm that wins you over – and the crowd showed no inhibitions and gratefully applauded this.

Other highlights, such as Hurricane, pushed the atmosphere up another notch and Mandi Lee interacted with the crowd often to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves and declared the reception from the crowd was the best they’ve had since they started their current tour.

They thanked the crowd for this by playing their biggest hit to date Reflections. They had the crowd eating of their hands after this – punters even plucked up the courage to clamber up on to the bar and start dancing, arms swayed vigorously, feet stomped – there was full crowd participation and the band were in adoration of the crowd’s response to their biggest hit yet.

They finished their gig up with a memorable encore to ensure punters left with a big gleaming smile. It included a cover version of Cyndi Lauper’s classic Girls Just Want To Have Fun and again it had everyone bopping and singing along with the band. The atmosphere reached fever pitch and the band completed their energetic, sugar-coated pop set with Imagination Infatuation – yet another upbeat pop gem from their debut album Our Own House. After this MisterWives were spent –every last drop of sweat and passion had been used up and they couldn’t thank the crowd enough for the great reception they had received.

This will definitely not be the last we hear or see of MisterWives.

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