Album Review: Lucy Rose – Work It Out

Work It Out

Lucy-Rose-Work-It-OutReleased 6th July 2015

Words: Julia Grantham
Work it Out is the second album from British singer-songwriter Lucy Rose. Starting her career as a backing singer, and from humble beginnings writing her songs on the family piano, Rose has made friends with Bombay Bicycle Club, collaborated with producer Rich Cooper (Mumford & Sons, Mystery Jets) and has two albums under her belt all just after her twenty-sixth birthday. She is about to embark on a series of gigs and festivals and, at the time of writing, is just days away from her new album’s release.

The songs flow seamlessly throughout the album, yet manage to fuse genres simultaneously. We are treated to folk, synth, electronica, dance, indie pop, all carried daintly by Rose’s sweet-sounding, and delicate vocals. Her voice is fresh, pretty but with all the depth of artists such as to Florence Welch or Laura Marling. However, Rose’s style is very much her own, not least because of her varied and carefully produced songs. This second LP emphasises her breadth of versatility; whether singing on a gentle acoustic number like opening track For you, or on the more rock-inspired and fast-paced KOLN. This album stands up as a real powerful indie pop album, and is the perfect summer purchase.

The tracks on Work It Out are varied, catchy, well-produced and are always carried perfectly by Rose’s beautiful, unwavering voice. The opening song is a softly sung tale of letting go, depicting the end of a relationship. It builds up to a wonderfully explosive crescendo, ending abruptly with the words ‘Where do I go from here’? What follows is a much more up-tempo pop number, with a catchy drum-led rhythm, and one which is begging to be remixed and become a summer dance anthem! It has a really chilled, summery feel without loosing its alternative edge.

Juxtaposed with the heavily percussion-driven numbers are songs such as Like an Arrow which sounds like it is has its roots is folk, but has been elevated to an irresistible indie pop number. Other singles in the making from the album are KOLN and Work It Out, which have all the charm and quality of early Haim singles, yet retain a unique and individual style. The interlude song Fly High is wistful, floating and dreamy, using just a simple drumbeat, vocals and synth. If only it were longer! It has a real club-vibe but in a soft, ambient way.

There are so many brilliant songs on this album, and with each listen the quality and charm of Lucy Rose grows deeper. She has proved that you can merge brooding folk-inspired tracks with electronic would-be-dance-anthems and put them together on the same album, effortlessly and seamlessly with brilliant results. Here is a young artist who is able to deliver a wide range of styles and tempos, and this album is sure to attract a wide audience, not least on her forthcoming tour. She has yet to produce a breakthrough single, so here’s hoping that this album provides her with the success and recognition she deserves. Watch this space!

Watch the video for single Your Eyes here:

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