Live Review: Baltic States – London

The Baltic States

The Social, London, 7th November 2015

Words: Nick Jaques
Photos: Nathalie Saleh

the baltic states london copyright nathalie salehWhat can I say about the Baltic States? Within the past month or so this band have really left an impression on me. I was lucky enough to witness them at the world famous Studio 2 venue on Parr Street in Liverpool at the beginning of October this year and I was truly mesmerised by their atmospheric electronica. It’s not often that I’m bowled over by bands so easily. I can say that it was the best £2 I’ve ever spent in my life. Other than buying a winning lottery ticket there’s nothing better I could have hoped to spend my money on!

On this occasion The Baltic States performed as a 3 piece (At Studio 2 they were a 4 piece) and I thought this might have an effect on their output but how wrong I was. Their sound amplified and gripped the audience from the start. Their soaring glacial electronic beats engulfed my senses again and I found myself in a trance. The Social venue suits the band’s musical template perfectly and with all their ingredients it combined to make an arresting and hypnotic experience.

Helen Morrison (singer) commanded the stage with effortless grace and has a powerful voice that would give Adele a run for her money and also plays an endearing trumpet solo during the beautiful and beguiling track Silent Deep adding character and substance to the make-up of this intriguing Liverpool-based band.

They opened with the engaging track Release – a powerful and meditative synth number which grabbed my attention instantly. What’s clear about this band is that they have produced a captivating sound and they know how to use it to their advantage. Jev Maligins (Keys/effects) and Vadim Sidorov (drums) have a great chemistry and this helped to bring out the best in each track the band unveiled to the audience throughout their set.

the baltic states copyright nathalie salehBoxes was the second song they played and it received a warm welcome from the crowd as it was this track which got the Baltic States the recognition they whole-heartedly deserved. This track on Soundcloud alone has managed to drum up over 3,500 listens! Not half bad for a band that have only released an EP or so! It’s full of infectious hooks coupled with a wave of electronica which only serves to increase the anticipation surrounding this group.

The band’s performance of Fire really saw Helen’s vocal range pushed to the max and she attacked it with every effort. Her voice lingers in the music with a natural ability, they seem to bind together effortlessly. The Baltic States’ music is bold and brave – electronica designed for the modern age.

Each track wormed its way into my skull and it’s hard not to get caught up in the sounds they created on stage.

The band continued to conjure up quite a spectacle with pulsating synths and Helen’s soaring Bjork-like vocals on the track Storm. Next track Rattling Bones is their latest offering  and the structure of the song enabled the vocals to take off and shower over a stunned and hushed crowd.

To round off a great evening of live music the Baltic States capped their performance with a heart-stopping version of their most popular track Kontrol (approaching 8,000 listens on soundcloud alone!) and once again those sultry and distinctive vocals combined with pristine electronics to leave me in a state of wonder and merriment.

It won’t be long before these guys start booking bigger venues – you read it here on Popped Music first!

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