Album Review: Night Beats – Who Sold My Generation

Who Sold My Generation

night beats who stole my generationReleased 29th January 2016

Words: Sion Ford

Perhaps they’re not one of the most prominent bands of the garage rock scene, but Night Beats are definitely a band that should be on people’s radars, especially with the release of their third album, Who Stole My Generation. Keeping themselves in that slightly mod-tinged rock sound that verges on the psychedelic, they ooze a swagger that comes with being in such a band – their music isn’t quite of this time, but it’s not nostalgic either. Instead it occupies a bridge between the two, creating its own identity and marking them out as a different beast from the rest of the bands in this genre.


Although this album doesn’t open in the most engaging way, the second track Power Child is a bit livelier with its scratchy guitar solos rip roaring through. Following that is the right honourable Right/Wrong, a song that sounds like it could sit proudly in the 45 collection of any contemporary mod – for an American band, it’s unusual (in a welcome way) to hear such a distinctively British sound in their music.


Where Night Beats differ from most other bands in this genre, admittedly one that is dominated by the likes of the trailblazing Ty Segall, is that they don’t appear to be – at least, not on this album – all blood and thunder in their music. Yes, there’s a scuziness to the production, and yes, there’s the boxed vocals floating over some suave rhythms, but there’s not quite the amplified, distorted madness you get with other bands (see Porque Manana).


Whatever they might lack in punch though, they certainly make up for it with rhythms that refuse to leave you be; Sunday Mourning sounds like something straight out of a hazy 1970s studio, while Shangri Lah sounds unnervingly like The Yardbirds. There’s a definite appeal to this group for those who wish they had grown up in the golden days of rock and pop some 40 years ago, it’s inescapable.


On the verge of a lengthy tour around the UK and Europe and with this album ready to drop on the 29th, this new year promises to be a hectic one for Night Beats and there’s no doubt that they will make appearances all over the music media, the buzz surrounding them increasing all the while. And when you consider that they’ve created songs like Burn to Breathe you have to concede that any credit, hype or whatever you want to call it, that they earn this year is definitely warranted.


Easily one of the most original sounding bands that have come across my path for a while, and all by drawing heavy influence from one of the best periods of music. Perhaps there’s only one other musician that I would say emulates this time in music quite so well, and that would be Nick Whitehouse who, funnily enough, is big friends with the likes of Ty Segall – there’s definitely a familiarity within this scene, something that keeps it feeling local and true.

Listen to Sunday Mourning here:

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