Festival Preview: Smithdown Road Festival

smithdown road 2016 Smithdown Road Festival

30th April – 2nd May 2016, Liverpool

Smithdown Road Festival is FREE with £6 discount wristbands for discounts in bars/cafes during the festival available here.

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smithdown rd 2016The organisers of Smithdown Road Festival, which is held in the Wavertree area of Liverpool describe their festival as “A coming together of the Smithdown bars and cafes to create a kick ass Bank Holiday weekend of entertainment for the masses!” and that doesn’t even mention the music, the art and the entertainment that’s going to take place in all those bars and cafes.

So where are these bars and cafes I hear you say. Well, from our good friends Evil Eye to Cafe Oro, newbie on the block Fat Flamingo (kind of partial to this name!) to old school pub Kelly’s Distillery and pretty much everything in between. If you’re looking for quirky then this is the one, if you’re looking for local and independent this is the one. If you’re looking for a truly DIY free event then guess what…. this is the one.

In true Popped Music style we’ve picked a mere 6 acts from the whole 3 days to share with you but we highly recommend you check out pretty much any act playing over the three days for a great eclectic mix up. You’re best to check out the festival’s Facebook page where you’ll get up to the date info plus they’ve even made a super handy time planner/clasher guide – oh how good are they!




Having seen Colour play many a time over the past year or so I can say with confidence that these guys are t i g h t. Their live set brings together a collection of strong songs penned by the Wirral based quintet and their latest single Fiction continues to demonstrate how they’re continuing to find the flavour of their sound.

Listen to Fiction here:

Find COLOUR on Facebook


Having just released their first single, Dorothy, with their new label Heist or Hit, Liverpool’s Hers are making some serious waves right now across the new music bloggosphere. Not just Online though, oh no, those trendy bastards at Urban Outfitters have jumped on in there and picked them for one of their Music Monday playlists. Now you can’t say we didn’t tell you to get down and see them early on before it all blows up.

Listen to Dorothy here:

Find Her’s on Facebook




The Sundowners are another reason as to why it’s not just Liverpool but neighbouring Wirral has just a strong musical community. These guys are without doubt one of the highest billing artists on this year’s line up and if you’ve not seen them yet then I promise you one of the most enjoyable shows you’ll see this weekend, no matter what your musical preference.

Listen to Medicine here:

Find The Sundowners on Facebook


Rumjig – a little bit o rum and a massive bit of a jig – you can’t be glum around this upbeat folk outfit. Busting out messages of positivity, the waves of happiness just bounce off every beat with this Liverpool outfit. Quirky lyrics a trademark of theirs often gets combined with some equally fun dance routines – and those you’ll want to get involved with. Especially if you’ve had some rum!

Listen to Ego Bow Down here:

Find Rumjig on Facebook



The Late Night Oil only formed in 2015 and have been busy putting together a cohesive live set, working on new material and trying it out at gigs and open mic nights alike. To top it off singer Louise has paid her Smithdown Road dues by working at Evil Eye so she’s bound to be getting all the local’s support – as well as ours!

Listen to Bone House here:

Find The Late Night Oil on Facebook


The Roscoes have reasons to be cheerful 1, 2 … well 2. Those 2 things being their recent double A-Side The Wall/Skin. Recorded last year in an abandoned school in Liverpool the band worked with The Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson.. which I guess would give them reasons to be cheerful 1, 2… 3! oh go on then 4… seeing as they’ve been one of our picks for this weekend’s festival frolics.

Listen to The Wall here:

Find The Roscoes on Facebook

Smithdown Road Festival 2016






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