Festival Preview: LeeFest Presents: The Neverland 2016

leefest banner 2016LeeFest: The Neverland 2016

Secret Location, Kent, July 28-30th 2016

Words: Elena Katrina


leefestLeeFest is a festival that has been on my mind for a good few years but never one that really managed to steal my attention away from the bigger, well medium, sized festivals that take place at the same time. This year though I have decided to give it a go and let the team have some fun and frolics at the bigger festivals while I go back to what I love best; intimate stages, carefree  people and creativity. Anywhere I can actually see a band, a new band, and wear glitter on my face gets my vote. Let’s face it LeeFest is named so and is so because Lee decided he would have a few bands play in his garden one year and then BOOM… we have this beauty. Crazy.
This year LeeFest looks like it’s going all out too with a theme of Peter Pan’s The Neverland. You’ll find 3 realms and of course 3 tribes; The Lost Boys, The Pirates and Mermaids. I think you can probably guess which one I’ll be latching on to when it comes to adding a little bit o fun to my festival get up. Oh and did we mention the glitter wresting? .. no? Oh, well… that’s happening too!



Clean Cut Kid

With their latest single We Used To Be In Love picking up fans left right and centre you’ll be hard pushed to find another band climbing the ranks and working the festivals as hard as Clean Cut Kid – in fact they’re playing every festival that I’m going to and another 20 on top. The band wield their tools on stage in a way that makes it so easy to enjoy their upbeat, guitar solo-ridden mini-anthems, even when the tracks are on the more sentimental and emotional side you’ll never be lost for an enjoyable stage performance. Let these be your festival highlight.

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Watch the video for We Used To Be In Love:


I have been listening to and enjoying Otherkin from a distance but recently got to see them live and what a treat it was. They might not have been that happy with the circumstances, it wasn’t the busiest of shows, and a very hard crowd, but they proved they have everything it takes to get pretty much anyone on board and engage. Thrilling, high octane rock n roll set. You won’t be disappointed.

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Listen to Love’s a Liablility here:
Get Inuit

This band have been on our “must check out” list – which is actually only in my head, which isn’t the best place for it to be!, and they’ve been there a while. A fortuitous e-mail from their manager finally had me finally getting to grips with them and it was instant love. Now I feel like I’ve been missing out – but no more… onwards and upwards! Delicious swirls and a hazy 80s indie feel, their latest track On & On wouldn’t have gone a miss in a John Hughes movie.

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Listen to On & On  here:


She Drew The Gun

Having watched Louisa Roach perform solo and as a stripped down trio to a fully formed band over the last 18 months it’s been an impressive and quick move forward. Having released a debut album earlier this year too Louisa and co have pushed on with real momentum, gaining fans far and wide. This will be the first time I watch them play outside of Liverpool and I’m really looking forward to the crowd’s reaction.

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Listen to Since You Were Not Mine here:


Listen to the LeeFest 2016  playlist powered by popped here :


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