Festival Preview: Kendal Calling 2016

kendal calling banner 2016Kendal Calling 2016

Lowther Deer Park, Lake District, 29-31st July

Words: Gary Lambert

kendal calling poster 2016Are you a fan of music? Do you live anywhere and willing to travel for an amazing festival? Are you going to Kendal Calling? If you have answered yes to the first two questions and no to the third, you’re in luck that there is about 30 tickets left for Kendal Calling.

Kendal Calling is one of the very best festivals in the very, very busy festival scene. It is no mere music festival, but a Festival with such vibrancy and life. This year they have an even stronger additional lineup headlined on the Soapbox stage by Jason Manford – a man who gets more airtime on television than most of our music acts combined and sells out the same venues as the headliners. If you fancy a bit of a change, head over to see him or one of the other acts on. It might change a gloomy day entirely.

A festival that every hear has a theme for fancy dress. The theme for this year’s Sunday extravaganza is ‘Multi-Coloured’ so if like me you would rather wear a suit of armour than fancy dress you can get involved without extra expense and humiliation. That said my Hawaiian shirts are going to be humiliating for the rest of Team Popped. But as the sun set hits the field bellowing to Noel Gallagher lyrics he wrote when men were boys and The Lake District was just for boring days out, it is going to be one of the most beautiful sights of summer. “Aaaaaand soooo Saaaally…”


Price info: Tickets for Kendal Calling are on sale now £135 plus booking fee for the Friday to Sunday and an additional £25 for a Thursday early entry ticket here.

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Despite being from that London, Haus are going to fit naturally at this most northern of festivals. With a smart style taking in snappy urban rhythm with indie rock, this five piece will be one of the bands you play on the way home. The rhythms they use will give you the opportunity for dancing without needing a visit to Jägerhaus.

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Listen to Two Minds here:


Rat Boy

Rat Boy is the major solo talent emerging through the music scene on these shores. With self directed videos, a wonderfully destructive live reputation and great tunes which sound so fresh every time he performs it is like the first time ever. This is beyond a must-see set. This is Rat Boy. He’s Britain’s Most Wanted.

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Listen to Get Over It here:




After spending hours creating the playlist for Kendal Calling I went out for a drive to the seaside so I could give the tracks a listen to on shuffle. When Chivalry by Marsicans came on, I had to pull over and find out exactly who it was. This band from Leeds can write music like you wouldn’t believe. I could not get over the fact that I’d missed out on them all this time. With tracks like Arms of Another and Swimming, you will be able to give your ears a deserved treat.

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Listen to Far Away (Saudade) here:




If you Google Actor band, you will be taken to a band with Ryan Gosling in. Don’t build your hopes up those of you searching for middle aged Hollywood eye candy. If you turn up to this set you will see a young woman from the Leeds music scene, Louisa Osborn, who has a wonderful ability to make tuneful noise alongside producer Chris Mulligan and drummer Ste Anderson. They are on form too, their set at Bluedot set social media abuzz.

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Listen to Power here:




The Bulletproof Bomb

Youth is not wasted on the young, but rather the things that the young do are wasted by the snobbery of the elders so I present to you The Bulletproof Bomb. This five piece are sharp, tight and one of the most exciting music prospects I have heard in a long time. Vocally reminiscent of The Kooks but with attitude, their Little Miss London EP has been one of the most vital releases this year and strongly represents the sound of British indie music today.

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/tbbuk

Listen to Sportswear Punk here:



Pretty Vicious

Despite the obvious nod to The Sex Pistols in their name, Pretty Vicious are not here to rehash an old style of music and attitude, they have an incendiary sound without an obnoxious persona. They were grabbed by Virgin EMI not long after their first gigs and gone from strength to strength. With an album getting ever closer this could be one of your last chances to hear the band in this sort of slot. They are magnificent men of rock.

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Listen to Cave Song here:
 Listen to the Kendal Calling playlist powered by popped here:



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