Live Review: Let’s Eat Grandma – Liverpool Music Week

Let’s Eat Grandma

Arts Club, Liverpool Music Week, 30th October 2016

Words: Gary Lambert
Photos: Gaz Jones

let's eat grandmaLiverpool Music Week is not just an excuse to get some artists who would normally not visit Liverpool to play in one of the city’s venues, or there just to give some artists the chance to play sell out gigs, but with the Breaking Out series of gigs it gives the chance for new and different artists to take to the stage in front of an audience expecting a night of new music rather than a touring headliner and their chosen support bands.


I suppose the Sunday night gig at Arts Club’s Loft would be considered a showcase of some potential pop acts who felt comfortable in the left field. And normally I would not expect a full house for such an event, but the promotion had struck lucky in that the headlining Let’s Eat Grandma had been given a prominent slot on Jools Holland’s television show that week so space was at a premium.

luna gaz jonesBut before the main act we had several supports to enjoy. The performance of support act Luna was an interesting set. With her very relaxed mannerisms on stage and control of the performance, it felt a bit like a high quality open mic night with her drummer tucked away to the side. However Luna’s voice was not the kind that you would get at an open mic night in a bar, no matter how hipster. It was sweet and gentle, yet powerful enough to ping away at a few especially high notes. Plus she covered No Scrubs, one of my all time favourite songs, so that’s always something which is going to make me smile. With Mary Miller providing an opening performance in a similar, simple yet challenging style, it turned into an event which pushed the audience as much as the artists.

Main support for Let’s Eat Grandma was one of Liverpool’s latest up and coming musical acts, Haarm. In fact it was their debut show, another smart move and a supportive act from Liverpool Music Week and a great first gig to bag for any band. Though most of the band are used to being on stage having done various other projects together, you could still sense a slight nervous apprehension now and then, a quick glance here, a nervous giggle there.  I would say this was a positive thing though, as an over confident first show can come across as an arrogance. It was a confident performance though, tight and hitting all the right notes. If this is how they start out then it’s only going to get stronger.


let's eat grandma gaz jonesThere was a great excitement for the young duo who form Let’s Eat Grandma, and they gave their fans a tasty treat of Marmite Pop. You really are going to either love or hate Let’s Eat Grandma. Personally I think the description of them being any sort of pop music is unfair on them as it creates an expectation that their music is going to be ultimately pleasant on the ear if thought provoking on the mind. For me, they create a far more experimental sound which may use pop elements like a teenage female vocal, but is actually more suited to the experimental music fanbase that you would get at say Green Man, PZYK or the many times defunct All Tomorrow’s Parties. It can be a hard listen if it does not work for you, but equally if it does work for you (and some homework might be required beforehand) it can take you to wonderful heights. There is, however, no room for the recorder in any contemporary musical piece that does not involve a school orchestra. I’m going to have to stand my ground on that point.






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