The Vryll Society

Camden Assembly Hall, March 2017

Words: Nick Jacques

Having supported the likes of Blossoms recently and received glowing reviews in the process, much is expected of The Vryll Society and on this evidence so there should be. I was not aware that the venue Camden Assembly Hall was previously home to the Barfly and a little part of me on the inside let out a silent werewolf howl. The homely griminess of the Barfly was always part of Camden’s “furniture” for me and to see it under new management and another business was slightly surreal and sad.

However, I was not there to dwell in the armchair of nostalgia and reminisce about drunken misdemeanoUrs from many moons ago, I was there to watch one of the most promising live bands to emerge out of the Mersey in years!

The Vyrll Society have been compared to a Storm In Heaven era Verve so I was intrigued to see how this would be projected onstage. Having listened to their Eps, I was hoping that their live sound would be amplified and leave more of a lasting impression. Part of me feels their studio recordings, although showing potential, are a bit hollow or lacking a certain depth but thankfully when they got on the stage, they owned it with a calm and assured set packed with solid groove-laden bass riffs and glorious ethereal guitar reverb. They played with a refreshingly mature air and did not look fazed throughout. I was pleased to say that the comparisons to the verve were spot on, there were also shimmers of early Tame Impala and Stone Roses thrown into the mix as well, and this made for enthralling viewing.

Signed to Deltasonic records and linked with other fellow Merseyside bands like the Coral, Hooton Tennis Club, it’s easy to see why there has been a buzz about The Vryll Society for some time now. With musical influences ranging from Can, Pink Floyd to Miles Davis, this is a band whose depth of taste in their music is reflected in the make-up of their own creations too. This has been supported by publications like the Liverpool Echo, who have sung their praises, going as far to comparing them to the Rolling Stones; it is safe to say that expectations are high.

They opened with Coshh from their Pangea Ep – a strident track laced with flowing bass lines and it grabbed the audience’s attention immediately. Throughout their set you can see that the band’s strengths lie in the articulate combination between their bass and lead guitar work outs. It gives them a strong foundation to work with and you can clearly hear the singer embracing and enhancing this chemistry.

They are a band who play a brand of psychedelia with confidence and assurance and they showed it in spades. It is noticeable that The Vryll Society have been honing their live show craft and perform as if they have been doing the live circuit for more than they would probably care to remember.

Their swan song was probably my favourite track of the night with the enchanting and angelic vibes of Deep Blue Skies – the serene vocals and blissed out reverbs just washed over me effortlessly.

And this concluded a very pleasing gig and I am excited about The Vryll Society! Prior to the gig I was slightly worried that their studio EPs might not transfer successfully on to the stage but by the end I could have not been more wrong. I really do hope they develop their strengths and they continue to build on the buzz that they have generated so far.

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