Festival Preview: Flying Vinyl

Flying Vinyl All Dayer

The Oval, London, 7th April 2017

Words: Elena Katrina 

With ten of our favourite acts all descending upon one venue for Flying Vinyl’s all dayer this weekend it’s pretty much impossible for us to do our usual festival preview so instead we’re going to post a track by each band and insist that you get there early and stay late and see them all. Honestly…. we insist upon it.

As you might know we’ve recently started doing a monthly feature for Flying Vinyl where we unbox each month’s box of vinyl and give it it’s first play while we talk about each track, each band and encourage everyone to join in by chatting with us via our Facebook live video. It’s been a blast so far and so we’re looking forward to getting along to the festival and not just talking about the bands but watching them again live -between the team we’ve pretty much seen all of these awesome bands before but what better way to have a party and what better way to celebrate new music, live music and vinyl than to have a stage where a bunch of bands that have featured on Flying Vinyl.

It takes our breath away – just look at that line up!

Ones To Watch:

The Wytches

The Wytches are one of those bands who really captivate with their live set, even if they’re a little out of your usual comfort zone musically you can’t help but feel compelled to watch and listen. To me they are the epitome of the 2016/2017 grunge psych scene and secure fans across a spread of subcultures – not something that many bands find easy to do these days.

Find The Wytches on Facebook

Listen to A Feeling We Get here:
Spring King

Spring King could easily become everyone’s favourite band. They have a little of everything to offer and so it with panache. Their live set combines energy and personality which makes them not just a great band to listen to but a great band to watch. They play like pros but happy to bounce around and inject serious fun into proceedings. To top it off they are contenders for the nicest band around!


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Listen to City here:


Hidden Charms

We’ve watched Hidden Charms go from an interesting new band with promise to an explosive band that are now a must see on any festival circuit. They’ve upped the anti so much that they’ve shot ahead of other bands they were playing with over the last year or so and deservedly so.

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Listen to I Don’t Mind here: 


Signed to Fat Cat records Traams have been doing well on their journey so far. I’ve not seen these live yet but have heard nothing but great things. On record they offer up a mixture of heady alternative guitar sounds and a vocal that both intrigues me and kind of scares me all at once. A fantastic combination.

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Listen to A House On Fire here:
Dream Wife

One of my absolute favourite live bands of the last 18 months – Dream Wife are sassy, sultry and command your attention. Their pop and punk sensibilities translate into a set that you can’t help but want to actually be a part of, fierce guitars, thunderous bass and catchy as hell melodies. There’s also a slight off kilter menace from singer Rakel that not everyone gets but it totally floats my boat – this one is for all you bad bad bitches.

Find Dream Wife on Facebook

Listen to Somebody here:


I first became somewhat addicted to Anteros with their track Breakfast – immensely ridiculous in title, incredibly riddled with fantastic melodies and then also at times I find it to be (perhaps oddly) lyrically inspirational. Their lives sets are performed. That is to say that there’s a dramatic element to them, something to watch – not just a band who stand still – the interaction is great to watch.

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Listen to Breakfast here:

Trudy & The Romance

Liverpool based Trudy & The Romance are a band that we have seen play live numerous times and of late have really come alive for me. They were never a favourite but they’re certainly making their impression now and musically twisting my arm more around to their way of doing things… something which I’m really grateful for!

Find Trudy & The Romance on Facebook

Listen to Sandman here:


Willie J Healey

Now this young lad Willie J Healey has a vocal that would stand out in pretty much any room or on any radio station and puts together music that makes you want to both swing your pants and leap around, but all while gazing at your shoes. I’ve yet to personally see him live but I hear gooood things – and expect his show at Flying Vinyl to be on point.

Find Willie J Healey on Facebook

Listen to Greys here:


Palm Honey

Palm Honey’s, Stick The Knife, is probably one of my faves yet and while it’s more a gentle stirring there are elements that have potential to creep up on you and when you least expect it give you a big slap in the face. And you’ll love it when they do.

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Listen to Stick The Knife here:


To kick of proceedings at this year’s Flying Vinyl festival will be Yassassin and if you’re still somewhat hungover from those Friday night antics then this lot are going to give you a good shake and get you rearing to go for the rest of the festival – perfect opener. Plus we like their use of “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything” in Pretty Face – yes!

Find Yassassin on Facebook

Listen to Pretty Face here:



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