Festival Preview: Live At Leeds 2017

Live At Leeds 2017

Various Venues, Leeds, 29th April 2017

Words: Gary Lambert

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Tickets are £32.50 and available to buy here

Live At Leeds is one of the true highlights of the British Festival Season. A metropolitan festival which has still stayed close to its multi-venue roots with a roster of acts so trusted that it is worth buying your ticket before any announcement. It’s so good that it encourages Lancastrians to travel across to the White Rose county to take in all they have in store. Whilst Popped Music are regular visitors to the festival, it is one of Team Popped’s debut at the festival – and he was so excited by the prospect that he offered to drive in order to secure his space in the car.

As you would expect there are numerous bands playing who we view as not just favourites of Popped Music, but also friends of Popped, so we have set ourselves the challenge of watching all new acts. It won’t happen of course – as there’ll always be room for sneaking in to watch Freak, The Amazons or The Big Moon – but we are going to do our damnedest to succeed in that mission. In fact, if you have any suggestions of bands we should check out, tell us on Twitter @poppedmusic and why. If we like them, you’ll probably get asked for future suggestions. We won’t block anybody for bad suggestions though, just try to steer you to a path of future musical joy.


Rag n Bone Man

Yes, EVERYBODY has heard of Rag n Bone Man, especially the omnipresent hit Human, but you have got to admit that it is one hell of a voice that Rory Graham has in his locker. One of the headline acts of the festival, I cannot wait to hear his voice – or given the likelihood of massive queues hear if his voice carries to outside Leeds University as well as I expect. Forgive him his Brit Award and BBC Sound of 2017 2nd place, this guy is going to be the hype worth believing. If not, well he’s only human…

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Listen to Skin here:

Jordan Allen

Bolton’s finest musical entertainer even though Peter Kay has had hit records. Jordan Allen is a natural talent who has wit, choruses and a live show that could drag the cast of Eastenders out of the doldrums. Whilst he is known for having a committed live following, an event like this in front of a strange audience could really be the making of him.

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Listen to Too Much Too Soon here:


One of the coolest acts on the circuit at the moment, Haus provided standout moments throughout festival season last year. There is just something about this band that makes you want to shutter out the world and relax. Suave without being too cool for school yet able to fire out a proper tune at a moment’s notice. Get involved in watching them.

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Listen to Levels here:



With Numb Blood being one of the contenders for album of the year from early 2017, and a live show that is one of the most exciting around, it seems almost stating the obvious to suggest that you watch this band. If you have not seen VANT yet, watch them and you will remember exactly why rock music is one of the most thrilling adventures this planet of ours has to offer.

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Listen to Do You Know Me here:



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