Festival Preview: Festevol Gardens 2017

FestEvol Gardens

Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool 30th April 2017

Words: Elena Katrina

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Tickets are £30.00 and available to buy from Skiddle, Dice, See Tickets.

Last year’s Festevol was possibly up there as one of our favourite festival all dayers of 2016! We didn’t think that it could be topped in terms of lineup but well I’ll be damned… they’ve only gone and done it again!

With headline acts like Wild Beasts, The Parrots and local headliner’s The Sundowner’s you can bet your Liverpool dollar that you’ll be getting top musical bang for your buck!

As usual it’s not really the headliner’s that we’re looking forward to seeing it’s those bands who are still doing the rounds, working the crowds and picking up fans along the way. There are a few in here you’ll know we love – Black Honey make a return after missing my face (I can only assume), and we’ve also been giving big love to Dream Wife and The Big Moon for quite some time  – then there’s a few bands in there with the cheeky name change who we haven’t seen in their new guise yet!

Our Picks

Shy Billy

Formerly known as Lyin’ Bastards there’s been a re-think, why?, you ask – well because frankly they’re too damn good and despite it being 2017 it’s apparently still not OK to be using bad language in your band name if you wanna really get places. The band remain the same though; infectious low-fi garage and if they’re taking it seriously enough to change their name then I’m damn sure their live set is going to kick up an even bigger stink than usual, in the best way of course!

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Listen to Shoelaces here:


The Big Moon

I hadn’t heard of  The Big Moon the first time I saw them play to about 50 people in a field and now their debut album is out and is pretty much the only thing I want to listen to when driving (so I can sing along). So if you think I’ve not been pulling my reviewing weight the last few weeks then you can blame them. Their live set is still as strong as the first time I saw them, they haven’t become worn down by traipsing all over the UK for the last two years and I don’t suspect that a gig in Leeds the night before will have any impact on their onstage energy at Festevol Gardens either.

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Listen to Sucker here:

St Jude The Obscure

Another band who used to go by another name, I’m not going to say who, just see if you can work it out, especially if you were there last year as they played! Ah ha! In their short time in their past moniker they gained some attention and in fact their set at FestEvol last year was packed out by NW music media peeps all wanting to see what the fuss about was. They delivered then and I’m in little doubt that they’ll be pulling in a crowd again this year too!

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Listen to Wonders Of Youth here:


Dream Wife

Are you ready for a bit of a bad bad bitch fight? Well you should be cos me n my bad bitches Dream Wife are gonna …. err yeah OK. They’re gonna give you a hell of a show, I’m gonna watch and keep dreaming that I can somehow find some musicality and join their gang. One of my favourite live bands of late I’m overjoyed that they’re coming to play in Liverpool again! Again again again!

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Listen to Somebody here:










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