Festival Preview: Liverpool Sound City 2017

Liverpool Sound City 2017

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This year’s Liverpool Sound City is celebrating quite an impressive birthday – it’s 10th! And it sees a new home, only a little way down the road, to Clarence Dock, but a new site for the big celebrations is going to give the festival an extra fizz of excitement. Plus this is a festival appears to like to be kept on their toes – always moving around; be it venues or sites.

As it’s a special year for Liverpool Sound City the festival is also putting on some additional shows leading up to the festival. These shows see special performances from The Human League on Thursday 27th and then John Cale & Guests present The Velvet Underground & Nico on Friday 28th. Both shows will be held at the festival site on Clarence Dock ahead of the 2 day festival.

The festival has also said goodbye to the North stage (which was probably our favourite stage of last year) and whilst we have had it replaced the music’s not really to our taste. That being said it’s great to see Sound City looking to capture the attention of a wider audience. The late night parties are brilliant though we’d rather have seen most of these bands filtered into the day’s lineup it’s a great way to use near by venues and continue to offer space and time to bands who truly are deserving of space on the lineup poster. We think GetIntoThis have done a fab job on these and if we’re still alive and kicking at 1am you’ll see us there for sure!

We’re trilled to see so many of our fave popped acts appear at this year’s festival and many of them having now made their way up to the main stage. Acts such as Fickle Friends, Estrons, Vant and Red Rum Club all see a share on the huge Atlantic Stage . Others are scattered around the site, such as The Amazons, The Shimmer Band and Xam Volo, but for a hint of where you might catch us during Sound City check out our picks below.

The full festival line up can be found here.

Our Picks


Estrons – Atlantic Stage – 12.30pm

We appear to have been in a small group of Liverpool’s cool gang when we went to see Estrons’ headline Liverpool show this year – an intimate gig, and not our first, but one which left us in no doubt that these fine folk are headed for the big time, and indeed the big stages. With to the point lyrics and punk-rock edged musicality this band is going to take some beating as far as opening up acts go on any stage at this year’s Sound City Festival.

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Listen to Make A Man  here:

Pumarosa – The Baltic Stage – 8pm

Another firm and interesting female fronted act hitting up one of the bigger stages at this year’s Sound City is Pumarosa. Claimed as ones to watch this year by many, though watched by us many a time already, as you would expect any self respecting new music blog to say. It would be remiss of us not to include these in our ones to watch at Sound City because their live set is the perfect grab your attention set up, with elements of rock and electronica, they’ll lead you into a false sense of security ahead of the mayhem coming your way from stage headliner Peaches. You won’t know what’s hit you after these two acts have been on back to back.

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Listen to  Dragonfly here:

Catholic Action  – North Shore Troubadour  – 1.15 am

Yes you read that right – if you’re still on the look for awesome music and in the mood to party at 1am then you need to be catching Scottish band Catholic Action. With punchy tunes and attitude by the bucket load these guys are going to send you off into the night with your feet tapping, your head bopping, heart pounding and most likely your ear’s ringing and ready to catch more action, of any religion, the very next day at Sound City. Need you ask for more?

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Listen to L.U.V  here:


The Jackobins – Baltic Stage – 3pm

Admittedly not a band that we’ve been hot on in the past but their most recent single has made us sit up and take notice. Not just us either – it seems there’s something in the water and these lads have stepped it up a gear or two. It’s not without hard work either – having trawled the local scene and most of the country at various points over the last 18 months or so the band have picked up fans …. and while we’re always keen to be there from the start, we’ll happily jump on in from this point forward hoping that what follows will be just as great.

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Listen to Nightfire here:
Miccoli  – Pirate Stage- 4pm

Miccoli, who on paper might look a bit like a form of bacteria, are in fact a solid slice of fun in an often dark and scary world. We loved and featured their last single but not yet managed to have seen them live. So we’re excited to see if they can deliver their super sweet indie pop as well in a live setting as they can in their perfectly produced recorded version. We’re thankful that Sound City are giving this opportunity to check this band out! Find us watching them at the Pirate stage at 4pm (anyone else hoping for actual pirates at this stage too?)

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Listen to Lights here:

John Joseph Brill – Invisible Wind Factory – 11.15pm

What a time to be alive – when you can watch the booming marvel that is John Joseph Brill, with his brilliant baritone vocal, so late in the night. Technically this is a Sound City After Party but for us it’s when some of the magic really starts, even if JJB is maybe more music for a wake than for a party….”Here’s another song about heartbreak, loneliness and death….” Yet you should enjoy JJB’s humour, his tactile emotion and his though provoking story telling no matter the name this gig is given. Why he’s on at an after party is confusing as hell to us but he’s on and that’s all we care about because we love him – please go and see him!

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Listen to Pieces  here:

Sound City 2017 Site Map:

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