Guest Blogger: Fairhazel


The latest signing to the Communion Music label’s singles club is Fairhazel and as he made an impression on us with his 7X7 single we thought we’d find out how the US has made an impact on him by inviting him to do a unique blog post to tell us, and you just how it has.


“America has a romance that nowhere else on Earth does. We all have a Hollywood-ized picture of America that we have learnt from films and music, and when making the move to live in the US, this image was all I could think about. When I arrived, I started to notice small things that would remind me of this movie scene perception I had. This way of seeing America led to there being more to write about, and more vivid imagery that stuck with me. At the same time as I was gathering inspiration from the feel of places, the people around me at Berklee would be into all sorts of music that I had never heard of before, genres I never would have listened to before, and this added a whole new language into my writing and playing.

Being surrounded by thousands of musicians, you quickly learn that you are one of many trying to achieve a shared goal and you are taken out of a mindset of being self-centred and adopt a desire to work with the completion. This created a huge shift in my songwriting as I started to stop writing songs about myself and start writing about other people I had met along the way. This was a period where I was developing a lot musically and as person and that’s kind of what 7×7 is about – its about noticing a symmetry from passages I had read in the Bardo Thodol and what I was learning about myself. 7×7 was written in Spain, as I was in Valencia for a few months and I would be in the studio until 1/2am every night and the transport had stopped so I’d walk back to where I was staying, through these empty streets and all these lyrics would flood to me, and 7×7 happened of those nights. That’s the funny thing about songwriting, that ideas always come to you in the most inconvenient places, where you just want to pick up a guitar and work them out but can’t. The B-Side of the 7×7 single is a song called the Director’s Daughter. I got back to London for the first time in a while and I had booked myself an hour in a sensory deprivation tank to see what it was like. I travelled far south of London and it was a terrible day outside, but I got there and went in the tank. This salty water started to hurt my eyes and I was struggling to handle the pain without getting out and it was then that these lyrics for the Director’s Daughter came to me, all at once. And I just had to keep repeating them to myself for the hour, so that when I got out I could write them down.”

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Listen to 7X7 here:


2 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Fairhazel”
  1. Fairhazel says:

    Thank you very much Frank! Greatly appreciated


  2. Frank Horvat says:

    Loved that post and the track 7 x 7 – beautiful piece of work


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