Festival Preview: SXSW 2018


12-18th March 2018

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Words: Elena Katrina 

SXSW is THE festival everyone wants to go to, everyone wants to play, everyone wants to witness and some of us were unsure we’d ever get to do either, the latter the only real option if I’m honest. Yet here I am about to make my merry way to Austin and take in the musical and cultural delights. And I’m both terrified and thrilled in equal measure. How will I possibly see allll the bands? I’m not. But what I will do is plan a few of our here UK acts to go and support and then the rest of the time is just got to be go with the flow, see who I meet and see where they might take me on the path to musical discovery. Exciting isn’t it?

In Popped Music tradition, below is just a small selection of UK based bands who we’d highly recommend SXSW music festival attendees check out. At the bottom of this page you’ll also find my most recent radio show where you can not just hear some SXSW band but also check out my dulcet tones. You know you want to.


Pale Waves

I’m pleased to say I have been watching this band develop over the last few years to where they are now, and now is perfect time for them to hit SXSW. They’re on the cusp of something special and I feel like they will be one of the most hotly tipped exports we are taking this year.

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Listen to Heavenly here:



A band’s band – everyone I know who has spoken to me about The RPMS tell me how great they are, not just live but as a bunch of people. I’ve yet to see them play live so I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy them fresh along with everyone else.

Find The RPMS on Facebook

Listen to Your Ghost here:


Tijuana Bibles

I hold my hands up I don’t know the last Tijuana Bibles single, my favourite is still is the 2015 release of Crucifixion. I’m keen as anything though to see what’s going on with them and how much they’ve progressed. Very excited indeed for this!

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Listen to Crucifixion here:


Catholic Action

Delighted wasn’t the word that quite covered how I felt when I found out that Catholic Action were headed to SXSW. A band I’ve been wishing better things for since I first heard L.U.VI’ve seen them play live to about 12 people and wanted to promise them there and then that they would be getting bigger crowds because they had everything they needed – and now they’re at SXSW! Bloody bring it!

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Listen to Black & White here:


Our Girl

I discovered the wonders of Our Girl thanks to their work with the one and only Flying Vinyl! From that moment I waited, and waited, to see them live. Mission accomplished, literally a week ago, and now I’m pleased as punch to be telling you that you need to see this band as part of our British SXSW invasion.

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Listen to Sleeper here:


Only Girl

While soul and R&B isn’t really my usual cup of tea there was something that caught my attention from Only Girl with her single Young Blood. I then got to see her play the brilliant Lee Fest to a mainly hungover/non nonplussed audience, who very soon will more than wish they’d paid a bit more attention. Wonderful stuff, wonderful.

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Listen to Stone here:


Find the full British Music Embassy line up Here

Want more on SXSW music? check out the festival’s mammoth Spotify playlist.

Listen to the Popped Music Radio Show SXSW special here:


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