SXSW With: Wlydest


I’ve not long stepped off the plane and already I find myself headed straight to where the action is. The British action at least. I’m stood in The British Music Embassy on Latitude 30 for my first ever SXSW and it occurs to me that this is the place I can catch up with loads of bands and grab a little chat for a part of our festival coverage. So I introduce to you: Wyldest. 

Tell us a little bit about you and your journey to SXSW

Zoe: So I applied actually without telling these guys. I just did it. I always wanted to play it and like every year up to now it’s been like nahhh… cos like you know, it’s a long shot there’s no point really. No one in America knows who we are yet blah blah blah. And then we just got the acceptance e-mail just before Christmas and we were like huh?!

Mariin: We were doing cartwheels in our studio. We were like Oh My Godddd!

Zoe: Our manager sent an e-mail, because they didn’t even know we’d applied. He literally just wrote the words “holy fuck guys”.

Marrin: Are you ready to do this? Alright. Yeah!

Zoe: We were chatting about it yesterday how me and Mariin were in the studio and doing cartwheels but in the back our our minds we were like maybe this won’t actually be a thing that will happen.

Mariin: It seemed so far away

Zoe: And like, you know, affording it, whether everyone would commit to coming. Whether anyone would book us for shows, but then it happened.

Jack: I think it was yesterday when we actually got here it was then actually real.

So tell us who you’re working with back home right now and what’s coming next. 

Zoe: We work with Hand In Hive, it’s run buy a couple of guys called George and Tristan the best guys in the world basically (makes sick noise wants sick emoji here) and they’re just like awesome. Basically George is like our Dad and Tristan is our Uncle. Tristan manages other bands but they both obviously care about us but George is like our Dad and Tristan is then Dad to other bands. They’re a great twosome and they have a lot of love and passion for music and when they got in touch we just …. it wasn’t like, you know… it was they actually really loved the music and cared about it as much as we did and that was all we could really ask for. So they’re just the best people. It’s more like a friendship than a business thing. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but we like it. It works. They’re some of our best friends now and we can trust them with everything.

Mariin: And the Hand In Hive family just feels … it has these amazing bands on and every band sounds good and we’re a part of it. It’s like this great little family and it’s just really nice.

What is next for Wyldest, you’ve just recorded your album? 

Jack: I guess it’s TBC

Zoe: We’ve only just finished recording our album so we don’t even know what to do with it at the moment.
Maliin: It’s ready to be out there but we just need to sit down and have a chat about it but Hand In Hive will always be a part of it for sure.


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