SXSW With: Flyte


Words & Photos: Elena Katrina 

I’ve never interviewed a band at 11pm before, that I can recall, because that usually means they’ve already been on stage to play. Not this time though, with a hefty 12.20 set time 11pm seemed a reasonable time to meet up in Downtown Austin with Flyte ahead of their show for Killing Moon. The show, which, by the way… was a huge success and many people turned up for!

How did you come to be at SXSW this year?

Will: Well we thought, you know, that we’d try and make a start. You’ve got to start somewhere with America, make some inroads to the vast epic landscape. Cast our tiny pebble into the giant giant lake of America and watch it sink to the deepest darkest depths with the eels and the dead bodies. We’re saying all of this…. get that out of the way, set our standards as low as possible.

Your show tonight (Tuesday) is your first of SXSW what are your expectations? 

Will: Our first show ever in America. We have no idea [what to expect], it’s our first time playing on American soil.

Sam: Try to curb our expectations incase we’re disappointed.

Will: or too excited

Sam: People have been talking about it and threatening to come to it. We’ll all be there.

Will: Never have all your band members play the gig.

Sam: We saw a band earlier and they were a three piece but one of them wasn’t there. The bass was coming out of a laptop. Incredibly expressive bassist but he just wasn’t there.

Nick: Having said that we have got Will’s voice on backing track….

John: We don’t have any backing track!

Aside from playing your shows here what are you planning for your visit to SXSW? 

Will: Where there doesn’t seem to be, you know, many options other than to constantly be at a gig but Nick and Sam went out to a something or other yesterday.

Nick: Some nice American landscape

Sam: We saw a nice river

Nick: we skipped stones together

Will: They held hands

Nick: It was a soft moment

Sam: We literally just skipped stones, for the record. (lots of laugher all round).

Any bands in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing? 

Will: Sunflower Bean. What else…. some pals are here, Lucy Rose, and Dan Lyons from the Fat Whites is doing a solo thing here I think.  Wyldest I’m interested to see, Nathanial Rateliff and The Nightsweats.

We’re just going to fit in as much as we can.


What’s the plan post SXSW? 

Will: We’re going to LA and New York first. First headline show in New York. It’s been a few years putting things out in America so it’s going to be fun. Finally getting to see the crowds. And yeah, we’re looking at the second record when we get home.

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