SXSW With: Catholic Action

Catholic Action

Words & Photos: Elena Katrina 

Imagine you are at a party and you meet a guy and you say hi and not much more. No big deal right? Then imagine you stand in line for 20 minutes later to see a band you reeeeaallly like and when you get in you head to the front and leap around like a loon. No big deal right? Imagine then that after the band have left the stage your friend comes up and says “you know that’s the guy from the party right?” and you feel like the biggest dick in the world? Yeah …. that. This happened. In my defence…. 1. Jamie has cut allll his hair off since I last saw them and 2. He was without his band mates – and I’m generally no good unless I see all band members together. But still…. it was an interesting way to approach this interview request.. but here we have it… SXSW With Catholic Action. 

For those who don’t know about Catholic Action give us a snippet….

Andy: Four friends having a good time (huge pause….) yeah?

Andy: We’re four young ambitious music enthusiasts

Ryan: Handsome

Andy: Fairly good-looking, we’ve got really good songs and we just wanted to have a nice we holiday you know.

Jamie: Four radically different hairstyles

Ryan: Each great in their own right

Chris: The soggy dregs dredged up from the bottom of the barrel. Last of guitar music, from the barrel that no one cares about any more just dragged out and regurgitated and force-fed to everyone.

Andy: Will it makes a come back … let’s wait and see

Ryan: How did we get to be here? Plane wasn’t it? Two planes, one to Heathrow and then…

So no forward planning at all just decided to get on a plane and arrive? 

Andy: Yep

Jamie: We played last year. Clearly we weren’t terrible and they invited us back.

Ryan: The mayor invited us to play

Andy: We met the Mayor of London yesterday

Ryan: He gave us the key to the city

Which City?

Ryan: All the cities

How did you find last night’s show (at British Music Embassy)?

Jamie: It was probably one of my favourite shows I’ve ever played
When you head back home, what are the next plans?

Chris: We’re headed straight back on tour. We’re going to play Southampton, Brighton.

Are you playing in Leeds? 

(lots of laughter)

Ryan: Guildford!… our first show in Wales as Catholic Action so that will be great fun.

Chris: Glasgow Scotland as well

Jamie: Our homecoming show

Chris: and then we’re gonna finish a big pile of tracks that we’ve been playing around with in the studio.

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