SXSW With: Our Girl

Our Girl

Words & Photos: Elena Katrina 

It’s OK to see a band you like more than once in a few weeks, it’s OK to see them 4 times in less than 3 weeks, I know this, because I’ve done it. I did it with Our Girl, though it wasn’t necessarily intentionally but if they’re playing and I’m in the vicinity then I’m going…. you can be sure about that.

Tell us about the band and how you’re over at SXSW this year. 

Soph: We are Our Girl and we’re a three piece from London Town,

Josh: Sometimes from Brighton
Soph: We were in Brighton and now we’ve moved

Lauren: Formed in Brighton, now residing in London, England.

Soph: And we’re here because SX invited us over and a wonderful woman called Julie is letting us stay in her home.

Lauren: And it’s a dream to come and do it.

Aside from your own shows what are you most looking forward to or what have you enjoyed already? 

looking forward to seeing a band called Hovvdy, with 2 vs, from Austin tonight (Thursday) at 9PM.

Soph: Yesterday Josh and I went to see Bully who I really love but I left my ID in the car so we watched through a black mesh on the fence. But if you sort of cradled your arm around your head you could sort of see. It sounded great. Saying “please I’m 25” does not work in America.

Lauren: I saw Idles yesterday who were amazing and  I’m looking forward to seeing Ought tonight.

What have you been up to in the UK before you got here?

Soph: We’ve just done a three week tour for DIY Class of 2018 which was fun. We literally went straight off that, had a day of sleeping, or not in some cases…

Josh: No sleep. Two hours. Not on the plane, I just watched 3 films; Darkest Hour, Star Wars and then umm Vicoria and Abdul.

Your fave? 

Josh: Darkest hour, yeah. And the food was terrible.

Who did you fly with? 

Josh: United.
Soph: The cheese toastie was out of this world.

Lauren: Yeah our manager … we were queuing for over an hour to go through passport control, and he just kept going on about the cheese toastie that he had. How stringy and stretchy it was and I really didn’t care, but he was really really into it.

I ate lots of those toffee waffle things. I ate about seven of them. Every time they came by I just asked for more.

Soph: Oh no, I should have asked. I was starving! That’s why I was so excited over the cheese toastie!

What are your plans post SXSW.

Soph: We’re going on tour with The Magic Gang!

Josh: We have our own gig at St Pancras Old Church the day we land.

Soph: Yeah it’s going to be intense.

Josh: We’re flying towards the night time (Elena – I like this as a song title by the way guys..)

Soph: That’s so romantic

Josh: I’ll be here all day

Lauren: Very whimsical

Album in the pipeline? 

Soph: Yeah!

We’ve made one. This year… that’s all we’ve got.

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