Festival Preview: Dot To Dot Manchester 2018

Dot To Dot 2018 – Manchester

Various Venues, Manchester, 25th May 2018
(ALSO: Bristol 26th May 2017 // Nottingham 27th May 2017)


Words: Elena Katrina

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Dot to Dot holds a unique place in the often congested and identikit festival season by being a tightly organised, metropolitan music event which is held across two hundred miles minimising the necessity of travel to see your favourite band(s). For Popped Music, we are going to focus on the Manchester event as that’s the one we are travelling to, but equally, you could go to Bristol or Nottingham and have just as special a day. Indeed so impressed was one of the Popped team with last year’s event that they purchased a ticket as soon as the early bird tickets went on sale and without any clue as to who would be on the bill.

One of the things we love best about Dot 2 Dot Festival is the way it brings together a main hub of bands across the three days and gives each local area a chance to put forward their very best in new and emerging talent. A chance for bands and music fans alike to share together in the new music discovery.


As a side note, we want to have The Mysterines as one of our picks, but they’re still being mysterious, we can tell you we’ve been watching them for an age and they’re .. great!





Dead! have been intriguing me for some time with their fast-paced rip-roaring riffs and their angsty punk-rock aesthetic. We aim to make this the first time we see them, and we’re hoping those bass lines are going to be as fuzzy as they sound on record.

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Listen to Something More Original here:



Wonderfully upbeat indie pop is the order of the day for young band Vistas. These guys will be looking to continue to turn heads and pick up new fans. The band recently went on tour with Marsicans – a perfect mix! You can watch our interview with the band here. 

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Listen to Calm here:

Our Girl

I may or may not have already seen Our Girl 4 times this year so you might not see me there, for fear of a restraining order, but I 100% guarantee you will leave seeing them with a smile as wide as a bus. Having just announced their debut album, Stranger Today, for release on 17th August. Get ahead of the game and see them live now. Check out our interview at SXSW with Our Girl here. 

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Listen to I Really Like It here:

Desperate Journalist

Desperate Journalist are a band I wrote about quite some time ago and then sadly lost contact with. I’m pleased to see that it was just me that was lost as they are clearly on top of their game with infectious shoegaze melodies and are hitting up D2D, which means only one thing – they’re going places.

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Listen to It Gets Better here:


Kula Bay

We were thrilled that Kula Bay came to play our festival stage but a few weeks ago and they impressed beyond belief, with a tight set of highly sing-along-able indie songs. Each one requiring the ability to let go of any kind of ability to stay still. Upbeat and infectious, you’re going to dance your little socks off!

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Listen to Lost With You here:







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