Popped Round-Up #003

Popped Round-up

#003 December 2018

Words: Daniel Burton

!Editors Pick!

Discreetly – Berries

It feels like the rest of the world is slowly catching up with Popped Music and our love for this female rock trio, Berries. Their latest outing, ‘Discreetly’, carries on with what seems to be a winning formula of riff driven rock, upbeat melodies and crushing drum beats which has garnered support from Radio 1 and Radio X.

It really feels like the start of the next step in the musical story of Berries as they move into a bigger, more mature sounding world without sacrificing their trademark energy.

Hurry up and catch up with Popped Music, but you’ll never love Berries as much as we do.

Catch the video for Discreetly below:

Split In Two – Broken Hands

This is a band that I have recently been introduced to and they have knocked it out of the park. Newest release ‘Split In Two’ brings together loud basslines and smashing drums somewhat reminiscent of Royal Blood but then all tied together with some quality rock riffs, you can see why Atlantic Records got them to sign on the dotted line. After going back and listening to the Canterbury 5 piece’s debut album I’m happy to say I’ll be keeping an eye on them for any more new releases.

Listen to Split In Two below:

Fade – Vistas

Hailing from the Edinburgh, Scotland, Vistas are one of my favourite bands on the scene at the moment. The second single, ‘Fade’, from their upcoming EP, ‘Hello’, still has the same Vistas sound that we have become accustom to expecting, but it contains a much more prominent overriding synth sound that has not been so apparent in other releases.

This track has already been heavily supported by the media, including being chosen as the Next Wave tune on Radio 1 by Jack Saunders, and has had great reception from live audiences before it was even released.

Watch the video for Fade below:

She’s Not There – YONAKA

Growing more and more of a must-see outfit on the live circuit, Yonaka are growing more and more adept at transferring their incendiary live sets to record. Their latest EP, ‘Creature’, follows on from the very successful previous release, ‘Teach Me To Fight’. It is the pop-rock sound of Yonaka which, accompanied by a punk-like stage presence when you’re lucky enough to catch them, leads to a roar of noise and catchy tunes.

Even when they put their hand to a cover version in ‘Santana’s She’s Not There’ they create a fine example of this as a calm verse leads to an explosion in the chorus and the words of the title stuck in your head for hours.

Listen to She’s Not There below:

Stereo – Dancing On Tables

Dancing On Tables are the freshest blood to come out of Dunfermline, which is a prouder boast than it may sound, and with their captivating indie pop sound it’s hard not to get become obsessed with this band. Whilst songs like ‘Oh’ are fairly laidback and dreamy, others lean towards the rock side of indie such as ‘Missing’, and their latest release, ‘Stereo’, follows suit, although there is a slightly more pop vibe which draws some similarities to the likes of You Me At Six. This sound, coupled with the Scottish twang in Robbie’s voice, provides the perfect combination to get you instantly hooked with Dancing On Tables.

Go and listen to Stereo here:

Can’t Be Alone – Zuzu

Fresh from conquering the hearts and ears of pyromaniacs everywhere as the opening support for The Courteeners’ latest arena tour, Zuzu has dropped her latest release, ‘Can’t Be Alone’. This is typical Zuzu songcraft which allows her undulating, sweet, accented voice to be the most ear-catching and memorable element of the record.

In addition to the track, there is also a wonderfully quirky video to accompany which sees own heroine searching the streets of Camden for her missing cat using all her Girl Guide skills. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face even if you’re a dog person.

Watch the video here:

Mexican Dress – Blood Red Shoes

This is yet another recent discovery for me (but that is the point of being part of Popped Music) and boy a marker has been laid down. The Brighton-based alt-rock duo’s newest release, ‘Mexican Dress’, comes from their as-yet-unreleased album ‘Get Tragic’ (due 2019) sets a high standard of expectations. Which is not out of the ordinary considering their four previous treats for us. I have no doubt they can definitely live up to my expectations.

The crashing drums and heavy rock riffs combine so well to propel the track along, and the cherry on top of this particular cake is Laura’s gripping vocal to make this a cracker of a track.

Watch the video for Mexican Dress below:

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