Popped Round-up January 2019

Popped Round-up

January 201

Words: Daniel Burton 

!Editors Pick!
Jade Bird -I Get No Joy

Following on from her huge hits Uh Huh & Lottery in 2018, Jade Bird kicks off 2019 in
similar fashion with I Get No Joy. This track comes with a similar style to Love Has All Been
Done Before, with plucky guitar sounds mixed with a rock edge and rap style singing matched
with catchy lyrics. This rather contemporary and unique sound has been adopted into the
Indie scene and is a breath of fresh air to anything else out there at the moment. Her new
sound has gained huge traction around the world, appearing on international programmes
such as ‘The Tonight Show’, ‘The Late Show’ and ‘Later With Jools Holland’, and being
included in Radio X’s ‘Great X-Pectations’. This has also earnt her a support slot with Tom
Walker on his UK tour as well as huge spot with Hozier on a massive US tour.
Progressing from a sound resembling early Birdy on her debut EP Something American to
her now unique style, Jade Bird is truly ready to conquer the world.

Bleanevon – Catatonic Skinbag

Bleanevon have been on the scene for quite some time now, since releasing their first EP
over 5 years ago now, remarkably whilst still doing their GCSEs, to their debut album in
2017 that featured arguably some of their best tracks to date, Orthodox Man and Prague.
That is until now. Catatonic Skinbag is the first release since said debut album and they
have returned with a bang. This new and improved sound brings a more rocky and gritty
edge compared to the lighter indie/pop sound we are used to hearing from this Hampshire
trio. With direct lyrics referring to the state of mind of someone in a state of seclusion and
depression, met with roaring guitar sounds, it is another classic Blaenevon set up, masking
dark lyrics with bright infectious sound.

Exiled – Luna

From the first second the opening riff hit my ears, I knew I had found something special in
this band. Whilst sumptuous guitar sounds are at the forefront of all 4 of their releases so
far, the sound is rather varied across the tracks. The first release has a heavy rock element
to the guitar, but it has slowly progressed to the latest release having a much more classic
indie sound which the mainstream listeners are accustomed to hearing. Whilst turning to
such a sound can sometimes be detrimental and deemed to be too safe, this is definitely
not the case and Exiled have absolutely pulled it off. Filled with jangly guitar riffs, seemingly effortless honest lyrics and remarkably catchy chorus, this is undoubtedly a track that will remain on repeat on many playlists.
This is a very promising start from the band formed in Sheffield, and I hope Luna is just the
kick start Exiled need to grow.

WhenYoung- Never Let Go

Whilst WhenYoung have been making huge waves on the inner circle of the Indie/Rock
scene over the last few years, they haven’t quite managed to crack the mainstream indie
scene, but this is sure to change after the release of their latest single Never Let Go. With
booming sounds from the get-go and a catchy pulsating chorus, it cannot be long before
this becomes a staple Indie dancefloor anthem. This trio, hailing out of Limerick but
growing in London, already have a huge variety of sound in their collection from tunes like
Dreams and Pretty Pure, and their latest release is just another heavier rock sound to add
to this.
Having seen this band on the bill at All Points East and supporting Blossoms at the colossal
O2 Academy Brixton, I can assure you they have one of the best live sounds of all the up
and coming bands on the scene at the moment, and a set of theirs is one not to be missed.

The Ninth Wave- Half Pure

Following a huge 2018 for The Ninth Wave, releasing no fewer than 7 songs, the
Glaswegians have kicked off 2019 on the front foot with their latest release, Half Pure.
Continuing with their now signature sound and style, this track brings lyrics talking about
the superficiality and struggles of modern society with sombre post-punk sounds to match.
The already stomping sound they bring in the recorded tracks, is amplified ten-fold when it
comes to their live sets, and Half Pure is another huge sounding tune that is sure to get the
same treatment live. If I wasn’t already sure that The Ninth Wave were destined for big
things, this latest release has only compounded that thought.

PROSE – See Me Like This

After a huge year in 2018 with a number of slots at major festivals, PROSE return to their
experimental mix of Hip/Hop and Indie with See Me Like This. This song is another real
hard hitter that follows the complicated relationship between a son and his sick mother. A
simple slow start to the song, accompanied by slow rap sends shivers down your back from the pure emotion put into the lyrics. This show of emotion seems to come naturally and is portrayed with remarkably raw lyrics in a number of their other tracks like All Of ThoseTears and Mr 1 & Mr 2. Having not released music since 2016, this could be seen as a second wind for the group, and with PROSE combining acoustic, indie and rap, they are out to break down the barriers of being placed into a genre, instead creating a genre of their own to take them to the next level.

Corella – Let On

Corella is a name that I have heard going around for the past few years now, but I have
never actually sat down and looked into until now, and I am very glad I have. Releasing
music since 2016, they have been slowly growing in popularity with support from the likes
of BBC Introducing and Spotify. Their latest release Let On is another upbeat indie tune
from the Manchester band, but this maybe has a slightly darker element than their
previous releases through the lyrics and a deeper but bigger sound. Filled with soaring
guitar riffs and a catchy hook, this has the potential to be the song that gives Corella
another push in the right direction to much bigger things. After the success of the single
Caught Up and their hit Barcelona Girl, Let On is yet feel-good summer hit from the band
which is destined for the outdoor festival stages.


VANT -Thank Lucifer

This is the return of VANT! But not quite how we knew it……

After their final show in November 2017, they took a vow of media silence whilst on hiatus from the world. After a year, they returned to social media with a cryptic message of “one year of silence and noise”, which was just the start of what is now the new VANT.

After a 48-hour public stream of new song Propaganda Machine, they have formally returned with new single Thank Lucifer. Whilst musically they have taken a 180-degree turn, lyrically they are as intense and raw as ever. This new sound for VANT is accompanied by a completely new style for front man Mattie, ditching the long brown hair and all black leather clothes for short pink hair with an all-white suit. This new sound is very reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots, combining a mix of rap and typical indie over a sound of drum beats, synth and guitar as an undertone. This is certainly a new style that I thinkVANT have adapted to well and is a great sign for the future.


Twenty Eighth Club -Talk

Twenty Eighth Club are a brand-new discovery of mine and what a good discovery it seems to be. Their first and only release, Talk,has a relentless foot tapping beat and is full of electric riffs. This coupled with the gritty voice of lead singer, Joe, and a catchy singalong chorus, it has all of the elements for a potential future indie banger. The production of the song is also class with every element of the sound perfectly balanced to enhance the already great song writing and performance skills in the song.

The band is still in the very early stages of their career, but their growth is helped by already playing numerous gigs and being backed by BBC Introducing, amongst others. With a supporting slot with Only The Poetscoming up in March as well as headline sets at The Castle, Manchester, & Plug, Sheffield, 2019 looks like it could be a very good year for Twenty Eighth Club.




Bedroom High Club- Carried Away


Carried AwayBedroom High Club’s second single,kicks off with light chilled indie vibe that instantly grabs your ears and relaxes your mind. This song is layered to hell, with a steady jazz inspired drum beat, jangly rhythm guitar, classic indie styled riffs and thick bass lines. All of these sounds are tied together perfectly down to the fine details, producing a groovy af bop that just makes you want to singalong to every word. After just 2 listens I found myself singing along to the chorus word for word. This really has a very jazzy indie feel, and in parts it feels like a saxophone is about to come in and do a solo.

This track follows their debut single,Heather, which was released in 2018, where the also played Tramlines & YNOT festivals as well as supporting The Indigo Project & Bakar.





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