Album Review: Foxtrap – Foxtrap

Foxtrap – Foxtrap

Words: Nicholas Jacques

This is somewhat of a personal event for me reviewing this band’s debut album. I might have mentioned in previous reviews that I discovered Foxtrap (then known as The Baltic States) at a £2 gig at Liverpool’s famous Parr Street Studios on a dark cold night several years ago and since then on the evidence of their debut album, they have evolved into quite formidable force. I had not heard of Foxtrap when I saw them at Parr Street studios and I was truly blown away by their invigorating brand of electronica. It’s an amazing feeling when you unexpectedly come across a band that just knock you for 6.

Fast-forward about 3 to 4 years and Foxtrap are finally making a bid for the big time with their self-titled debut album and it opens up with an absolute stonker in the arresting shape of Release’. A blistering, spiritual paean of a track. It has a strong sense of uprising thanks to a stern indie-electronica backbone that lends itself willingly.

Helen Morrison has a voice that is sonorous and at times delightfully haunting. This particularly stands out on Kontrol’ and is underpinned by pulsing beats and propelling synths from Jev Maligins and Vadim Sidoroff. She has a voice that is commanding and diverse in its delivery. Ranging from the earthy rage of Florence & the Machine to the glistening high pitch notes of La Roux (whatever happened to them?)

The album rolls on in compelling fashion and doesn’t really let up. Hypnotic vocals continue to unfurl with piercing beats on Rattling Bones’. This builds to a lush climax after 3 minutes of simmering and twisting dynamics. Executed in a concise but sweet manner.

Carefully crafted beats scatter and make themselves count throughout the album. It’s music that is propulsive in nature and wants your attention and not let you escape from their enticing musical captivation – a fitting foxtrap one might add ….

The euphoric uplifting vibes of The Storm’ is further proof that Foxtrap have honed their craft over the years with another incisive and cascading EDM shock to the senses. These are songs with primal urges at the centre of them – calling out to all to come and experience the impressive cacophony they’re creating.  

There are quieter, winding down moments with the contemplative and sobering The Fire’ which has sombre notes weaving in and out of soft hovering synth tones. It adds a depth and character to the proceedings.

Foxtrap stand out from the current indie music crop with compelling synth drives and soaring vocal deliveries. Offering something different for our musical pallets at the present moment. They may not be breaking down barriers but each song brings a beguiling moment to the table, particularlySilent Deep’ with an unexpected trumpet cameo.

This is an album which is easy to digest due the shape of the songs and coherency it flows with. Songs clock in around the 4 to 5 minute mark, making it accessible but it’s laden with layers and ideas aplenty, offering more than enough for the listener to keep them engaged.

A solid and razor-sharp debut from Foxtrap – it’s a trap I won’t mind being caught up in for quite a while. It would be good to catch them on the festival circuit if they embark on it this year.

Listen to Foxtrap’s debut album below:


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